Thursday, December 20, 2012

Time flies , people change.

Oh hey,

How do you love my half naked face with finally no more swollen eyes!

I swear if I rub my eyes before I sleep, my eyes will turn all puffy all day. It was just that kind of day with mascara and nothing else. I don't wanna put any BB cream and someone recommended me Kate's new foundation powder. I guess , I'll try them on and tell you guys how it works.

I honestly don't know how to sign up for nuffnang anymore. I have been forgetting my password since forever and I guess, I shall just enjoy the view count by blogger. I love how blogger count page views now and yes , it dropped - hell alot.

I really don't know how to type and list out every detail I do or so - I hope pictures do the talking.
when I read back - I realized it's all my SS pictures wtf. 

Now I know why.

Face problem, fml.

My favorite blue bracelet broke off because I pulled it too hard when I'm trying on clothes. I was so freaking sad ): I'll just buy again - I'll buy 2 this time and maybe, just all colours. I love how it looks like the one in Chrome Hearts. 

I seriously can't buy the original one. It's almost 1.5k USD - yes, USD. I'm not gonna spent 5k on a bracelet which I will break them anytime. I'm never a careful person.

And the other day , 
a girls day out with Mingli and XiuMing at KL .

Had satisfied my carving for claypot chicken rice since forever. I didn't want that because I was so hungry that I can't think of anything. Mingli suddenly talk about claypot chicken rice and there it is.

We dine in the very chinese food court at LOT 10. I swear the food there is so nice! Must go alright?


That's for flashing my new Bohamian wedges. I got it pairing with Jacinth but hers is in orange and mine is in blueee! 

Need to show off because my skirt is only 15 bucks. 

It's not exactly a skirt - it's actually a skorts. 

I miss BKK TT

Separate fringe, fml.

Oh hey :D

I don't know how did I actually take so much time to choose accessories before heading out.

Since when I have been so particular about that?

And girls will always be girls.

Saying hello first.

And do you know how we look like a year ago ?

*drum rolls*

don't die pls TT



This is such a bad picture wtf.

It's not exactly a year ago - it's suppose to be 1 1/2 year ago and god damn it , why do I look like some aunty .

I swear I widen my eyes when I see myself in that picture and omfg, no wonder people always insult me and stuff. 



Somebody please slap that girl in the maroon tshirt with the messy hair and sweaty face .

it was so terrible .


But it's okay, we at least look better now.

I mean - at least I look better now wtf.

Oh god, I can't get over that picture fml.

Love this picture and Idk why.

Probably I look not bad in this pic with my mouth open. 

Now, I'm regretting that I've posted that pic wtf.

But it's okay.

I don't know why I've been dressing up so girly lately.

I guess I've put on too much white and floral , pastel colour kind of thing. And I guess , this is what you guys think normal girl should wear right? 

I don't have a particular fashion sense except for my undying love for leopard print that I have so many . I even forbid myself to buy them anymore because it's so wild and not girly. I try to minimize the usage of eyeliner and just go on with mascara . I almost forget how to draw to make myself look nice. I don't like that the eyeliner fills up my lids when I open my eyes. At times like this - I wish I have monolids wtf. 

And so ,
my friends and I having 'world end' dinner tomorrow.