Sunday, December 16, 2012

BKK #4


Bad editing I know but I'm too lazy to re-edit it. 

I was trying to make it look artistic but it came out that way wtf. 


Military Coordinate !


Ignore how messy the room is and pay attention on my shoe! :D

That's KW trying to look in the mirror. I swear he didn't mean to photobomb me. 

We did nothing much on the last day other than doing a few shopping and just walking around the malls or so - 

It was just all about spending our money and end up, going home with zero penny in my purse. I swear I only have 2 ringgit in my purse. They only want RM10 notes minimum wtf. 


Some pork rice that taste really gooood near our hotel.

And I swear there is no elaboration and so yeah, pictures.



How do you love my custom made cap?

I did it in MBK mall and it's only 300BAHT , OMFG CHEAP CAN DIE.

But then,
I was so poor that time that everything was expensive.


I really love the cap TT

And btw,
we took cab back to our hotel because we couldn't feel our legs anymore. We have been walking since forever, I swear.

The cab plays korean song and even chinese song for a quite sometime. So I was like - " EH, THAI PEOPLE LISTEN TO CHINESE SONG ALSO ONE WEI. MALAYSIA NOT BAD AH."
All of them even nod their head to what I say..


We found out that actually the songs are played from Chin Keat's phone, wtf.

Super huge atomic bomb in our face that we were laughing so loudly at ourselves that the taxi driver gave us the -.- look.

I swear this is a you-should-be-there thing.

I feel so stupid until now. You don't know how proud I sound when I say that. *face palm ttm*

We head to the airport around 7pm or so - then, rot there wtf.



Bad picture but wtv.



Everytime I look at them, I feel so proud of myself.

This is like something that represent my hard work and effort. This is something that I've rewarded myself with after staying up late with eyebags wtf. 


Before boarding to the plan.

I feel so casual and comfy with this outfit :D


I will be back again, Bangkok .