Sunday, December 30, 2012


How many more days left to 2013?

I can't believe a year have passed & I guess it's time for the throwbacks again , whining over little thing. 

I'll put more pictures now - during Christmas eve.

Just a small celebration with alcohol & shisha about how things should be. No conversation , heart to heart talks or complains because now we have all grown up. Some things are so hard to be said and as we grow up, we tend to build a wall around us as we start to realize how saddening reality is and how fucked up the society are.

The sad part is ,
we don't even know how to express our feelings anymore - even to our closest.

I hate growing up to another stage of life.

Make up of the day .

Do you love my kitty ears? :)

Settled down in Bangsar.

Honestly ,
I don't want to go through the spraying foam and shouting to each other thing anymore. I used to enjoy that - being around the crowd , getting spray into my nose and mouth - making me have a problem breathing.

But right now,
I just want peace. 

I might as well stay at home right?

But staying at home cannot look nice! ):

Oh hi!

Simple outfit with H&M white tee.

I just realize.. I look so much like my later mother...

and pictures from fb .

I had Sex on the Beach and it sucks, wtf. 

I should have order Lime Margarita instead.

And the session ends at 3 or maybe later.

You see... 

I was just trying to instagram....

apparently this red jeans is the only long jeans I have in my wardrobe TT

I'm a sad kid.

God, I love my kitty ears!

And ...

I have no belt so I used the scarf to represent my belt.

Sorry, I was trying to make the best out of everything I have. 

The scraf is in chiffon material though and lately, I bought another leopard print one wtf. I know I'm not going to use it anyway.

Best picture I had out of the fours.

Till then.

Enjoy the last few days of 2012!