Friday, December 28, 2012


Look at my eye bags ! :(

This is what happen when I sleep at 6am everyday . Sigh. 

I'm here to blog about things that you don't really care about to just keep my blog alive. I wonder how many page views I have a day because the last time I check was so terrible. The chart was in a mountain shape wtf. It's suppose to reach a peak and then stay constant....

Oh well,
I should blog about TOP or Big Bang soon wtf.

Sorry , desperate for views here.

And anyways,
there are some pictures I have in my phone since forever.


She's so cute, I swear that I want to just bite her cheeks omfg asdfghjkl !

Tong Yuen in Soy Milk on Winter Solstice Festival.

My grandma always ask us to drink it with soya bean / soy milk instead of the typical sweeten soup base. She said it was healthier. Oh well, I do prefer the soy bean one too. There's no filling inside and so we could actually eat more than how old we are. 

I'm suppose to eat maybe 19? I guess I ate more than 50 in a day wtf. 

I had 3 bowls cos it's so nice wtf.

The other one at my aunty's place .

But now,
it's red bean soup based.

God... my family just go against the culture of the sweeten soup based of tong yuen.

And camwhore while waiting for dinner with my eyebags as my #atod.

This is a new phone app introduced by my sister.

Pudding Cam , it is.

I swear, no matter how terrible you look that day. You just look better with the effect they have on their app. I normally snap my face with the iphone camera first and then, decided whether to put filter or not. But this app requires you to snap with the app. 

I'm not sure whether my phone sucks or what but I look better snapping myself with her phone.

Ass... my phone don't even love me ):

This is the cover-half-of-your-face-with-your-palm-so-your-face-look-smaller pose.

All the korean models do that when their chin is already so sharp that they can just poke the fishball and hang it there wtf.

Noneed to cover cover lah, unnie(s).

But it does makes your face look smaller though.

I should do that all the time cos I ish have pancake face.. TT

No make up cos I was so lazy...

LOL, don't ask.

My electric blue nails, nice or not?!?!?!

Meet my sis.

I was trying to imitate her duckface and this is the only picture I look not retarded in it.

We had so much fun laughing at my face -.- 

Oh well.

She's growing up because she is camwhoring * wipe tears of joy like a drama queen* 


My maids and my clothes...

And there are more of them inside the cupboard.

Did you see the metal thing at the left corner? What do you call that? 

I actually buy that to hang my clothes but then I threw away so many while cleaning up that there's no use anymore wtf. 





Do you know how good this taste?

Soy Blend! Must try ok!