Monday, December 10, 2012

Almost had it all.

It was so long ago that I already forgot how long it have been. 

Pictures from idk since when.

So bloated , sigh.

Jacinth's lost her virginity of clubbing to me , in stage club LOL.

RED LIPS , ngehehehe.


I have bought this dress from Bershka since January and finally...

I even forget that it existed in my wardrobe, I tell you.

I should rearrange my closet..again TT

before that I was in pyramid for some shopping then headed out to Puchong for a last minute dinner at Uncle Jang.


But the smell I've got all over me after the dinner was terrible, really terrible.

If you have never tried them before , you have been living in the cave -.-

How long have it been, hmmm?

And there are some quotes I got from instagram.

I actually snap shot it with my phone because I think it's meaningful.

This is from uknowminakwon 

I didn't know that she was related to BB until I find out that Taeyang likes her pictures on instagram. This girl is so damn bad ass and impressive. 

She is not that kind of girls that put on dresses and heels but sneakers and beanies. She have her own attitude . She curse , shows her emotions without a second thought. I like how she doesn't care about what people think , about what people say about her. I like how she stand strong on her ground. 

I like how real she is.

People like this are not rebellious , they are just true.

We need them more in this disgusting society before it's fucked up, completely.


Too much of fairytale, heh.