Friday, December 14, 2012

BKK #3



Back for day three !

Should I get iphone 5?

I mean - I just buy a new 4s cos my old 4s died. Or, I should wait for Samsung IV next year? Ah, I can't make up my mind ):



I didn't join the rest to floating market though. 

First, I've been there for more than 5 times I swear. Second , I need to pay extra 70bucks which I can buy 7 dresses if each is ten bucks. Kiamsiap bitch alert, wtf. Third, I just don't want to get under the sun and turn dark. 

Honestly, I'm like a trip pooper? lol


So I have breakfast by myself and have my coffee, like finally.

Is it just me or - hotel's coffee normally taste better? 

It was pure bliss, I swear.

And off we head out around 1pm or 2pm - 



So our transport was Skytrain! 

We called it LRT here but they call it skytrain. I really love how their sky bridge connects all the shopping mall on the street. How I wish we have something like that in KL too. 

Trust me, their Skytrain is better than our LRT.





Headed to TWG for tea after walking around. Don't ask me why I so sampat go and have TWG there. It was just a sudden carving and I guess guys don't really like it.

I mean - I really love to sit at some place with nice ambiance WITH LIGHTS and have a cup of tea or coffee and have a talk with my friend. With Lights means - I can be able to see people's faces. I've been to this stupid cafe my dad brought me in Mont Kiara and I can't even read the menu or see anybody's face. I was even more pissed when they play those romantic slow songs so loudly that I can't even hear the waiter. 

As I grow up, I realized that the society and reality is THAT terrible.

My friends and I went into Hermes and honestly , I have honestly step into Hermes once in my life - which is in Pavilion. The surrounding stress me out so much that I'm so afraid if I took a big step I would crack the floor wtf. 
So we went into Hermes in idkwhatmall .. Was it Siam Paragon or - ah, nevermind. I just went around looking at stuff but I see nothing but just a few plates and clothes hanging there. Why do they need such big space for -.- One of my friend just touch the belt & actually have been looking over and over to find it. Just when he land his hand on the belt, some dude just came over and stand there as if we're going to rob them wtf.
He just took out the calculator and press the figure in and I have never encounter a belt with such bombastic price. I swear I widen my eyes and gulped . My first reaction was - Oh my fucking god, I can travel to Korea or even Hong Kong to do shopping already. 


I should take notice of the price of these kind of things the next time people pay bills for me and actually feel guilty.

Now I realized that money is THAT important & society is THAT realistic.

But of course,
all these are just a want not a need.


Don't ask.




I only know how scones looks like this year.

I live in a cave ^^


Realize the quality of the picture above compared to #9?

That's the difference between Iphone4s camera with DSLR. 




Since I don't have so I just take other people's and pretend that it's mine.

Desperate much?


Toilet shot in some mall before to Alexander McQueeeeeen!

I didn't know that it's under CLUB 21 .


The very famous four face Buddha in BKK right at the center of the street.

I did some prayers for my family.


Picture of the day.


Baiyoke Sky Tower Buffet Dinner! 

yes, 77 floors.


Breathtaking, no?

That's my view when I'm having my dinner.

I want to go back to that tower again! :(



Corns , yumm.


I never take yummy food pictures TT

And after dinner,
here we go to the top floor which is 84th floor for outdoor to enjoy the view.








Almost the whole city. 

Something reflected though but I can't be bother to edit it away. 

So beautiful....


The highway .




I'm a retard.




What's with that face, bro?



I was posing for my iphone..



This is how the picture turns out and it looks like crap T_T


To make up for the ugly picture of myself .



Our tour guide is beyond awesome.

We call me ' Fa Ge' - which is like Brother Fa wtf 

You just don't know how funny it sound when we go like FA GE FA GE FA GE . Sounds like we're cursing or so but yeah. 


12 years and still counting..

We probably grow up together and I wonder if we're going to stay connected until we grow old together. 


for the red hair.


This is the picture I send to my dad 


he says that my nose is damn flat.

Ass...I got that from him wtf.


Last picture .

I swear the dinner was the best through out the whole trip. The view was just too amazing.

One day,
I would just travel there alone to just sit in Baiyoke Tower to look at the view for a week wtf.