Monday, December 3, 2012

BKK #1


I just realized all the pictures from BKK is my camwhore pictures! 

Shit, why am I so vain ):

So I'll update the first day today which we practically did nothing other than just spending our money as if our parents print money and went poor the rest of the trip , wtf. You don't know how much I've spent and most of all , it's for Raqul Reed - fml.

I always sleep late and my insomnia sickness is crazy so I slept at freaking 1am and wake up at 330am because my dad said , he's going to send me to LCCT at 4am. I was protesting about how early it is since my flight is at 750am but he insisted because it's AirAsia. Honestly, I have never sat Air Asia when I am on a trip, though. Even if my family and I are heading to Langkawi , we take Berjaya Air or so - so, it's like my first time. The airport was smaller , almost like Subang airport but it wasn't thaaaaaat bad. At least, not as bad as my dad picture it as. He told me that they don't have aircon and I was like HAR , NO AIRCON. HOW CAN.

And that day, I was freezing my ass off. I think it's too early in the morning.

You don't know how fast my dad drive. He only took approximately 28 minutes from Sunway to LCCT , wtf. 180km - I saw. But I'm used to it so yeah.

Checked in and everything. I didn't know how to do it and immediately, I realized how dependent I am on my family. Like my dad , he does everything for me and always make sure that everything is settled. Infact, I feel really nervous that he wasn't there with me, like really really scared wtf. 

After all,
I'm still daddy's little girl. 


Old Town for breakfast. I wanted Nasi Lemak but I guess it was too heavy so I ordered bread & toast. You don't know my love for breads! I can eat them all day like a snack. Please don't do that if not you would look as fugly as me. 

Their peanut butter toast and kaya bread was so gooooood that I can't even -


Finally going into the waiting launch around 730am.

That's my airport fashion, wtf - in LCCT. I got so excited because that's the ever first time I wear my shoes out. If you have follow me for a quite sometime, I've blogged about that pair of Jeremy Scott shoes are the reward I get for myself for earning the first 1k in my life. Sound so glamour right? 1k minus 690 bucks and I'm left with 310 , wtf. I can't even buy new dresses and stuff. I should have just save the money TT

But it's okay .

I've never regretted it though. Infact , everytime when I see them - I just feel so proud and happy of myself. At least, I bought it with my hard earn money and not just go to my dad , shaking his arms until his limb going to fall off to buy me them. 

I mean - I would cherish this part of shoe , alot. Even if there's a hole in it, I will still keep it! 

Fine lah,
apart of it - it is also 600 over bucks lah. 




Now to think back,
I think my outfit is weird . 


MingLi and I before we head up to the planeeeee....



And those things that he plug into his ears are freaking 500 over SGD , ha ha ha.


To kill time. 

I love my shirt so much! 

And btw,
 the blue charm bracelet I'm wearing is NOT Chrome Hearts. Oh man, now you guys know that I still check my formspring. 

It's just some cheapskate bracelet that cost me less than 20bucks. I mean, I can't afford a few thousand for a bracelet. I'm not that materialistic to that extend that I want my underwear to be the most expensive brand of underwear. I don't think paying a high price would get me stuff that makes me happy all the time. About brands - I guess boys are more to brands. 
I still prefer to stick to this fact that - More stuff but Pay Less.

Call me stingy or whatsoever because I am, lol.



The super princess like room in my boutique hotel.

I swear I love the design of the room and the FULL BODY MIRROR , OMG!



I will buy the sweatshirt and then tell everyone that TOP & I have couple sweatshirt !



That's me trying to have a taste of one of the most famous roadside snack in thailand. It's just outer layer of crepe wrap with sausage inside with a little of mayonnaise and omg, it taste so damn good! 

It's only 15 baht or 20 baht, I don't remember.

But really,
it's really nice.

Ignore my CMI face please TT 





That's my studded cap! I bought it because I think it matches with my outfit and you don't know how stingy was I. I was in the shop for almost 20 minutes because she doesn't wanna gimme 3 bucks discount, wtf. Since the figures in thailand is kinda big - the value is small though , everything seemed to be so expensive. After I convert only I realized that it's only 3 bucks difference , wtf.

I was at Shibuya 19 mall!

And after a whole lot of shopping,
finally head back to the hotel to get changed for dinner or so - 

We had too much roadside snack . Not to mention, the green curry tomyam I ordered during lunch tasted disgusting. I can't believe I was patting my chest, telling them it was good. The moment I taste it, I feel like slapping myself until my face fly away TT

But the last time I came to Bangkok,
it didn't tasted that weird. 



I colour my hair myself though - what do you think?

I don't know why am I so patient when it comes into this, seriously.

I should spend more time on studying instead.


Vanity strikes .

I swear this doesn't look like me at all.


good night.

Hello December! x.