Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Come on , readers.

Just because I update late doesn't mean I'm going to quit this blog forever. Don't give up on me just yet and come back. My views dropped so much that I can just kraaaai )': 

Come back baby TT

24 hours a day is just too little for me and I only sleep for like 5 hours a day which I think I'm going to die due to lack of sleep. My insomnia is getting worse that I have to get sleeping pills and in the other way, I'm so afraid that I couldn't wake up the next day.

I need to work on Raqul Reed harder than before. I honestly think this baby of mine needs improvement but I'm so out of ideas and sometimes when I ask my friends for opinion , they just seemed to mock me and thinks that I'm playing with fire by dreaming too big.

Oh well,
I'm honestly scared too.

But if you are not scare of your dreams, this proves that it's not big enough.

Good quote , lol.

#OOTD on a monday.

Remember it clearly because my econs teacher scolded me for being fifteen minutes late to class

Look at how tired am I , sigh. 

I swear contact lens help me so much.

Waiting for my turn for my spa treatment in a very very very VERY luxurious room. I swear the chair was so big that it could fit at least two of me when I'm already that BIG TT


And there it is , 
after twenty minutes of waiting and I almost fell asleep. I was so tired. 

The changing / locker room looks like I'm at a high class saloon or so. And instantly, I feel like a super star wtf. Everything is good as long as it's free :3


It was good. 

I feel asleep for the whole 3 hours. 

To lakeside's library for law case research for our moot court.

I swear it was hell one of a day.

Look at Jacinth!

She's wearing the black mustache tanktop I bought her from BKK.

I was so happy wtf.

Overslept on a friday so I skipped college.

The moment I wake up, it's already 11am and my classes end at 12pm. I fail as a student, I tell you. You don't know how much I hate attending college ever since I've join A levels. I need a break after this course - maybe to travel or something.

catching up session with both Mings.

You don't know how funny is it when I call MING . Both of them will be like, " WHICH MING?!?!" And if it continues, I would be ignored or get a bitch glare in return. 


Zanmai for lunch , it is.

Got treated with free Cawanmushi because the girl forget to key in our orders. We were starving and that leads to bad mood. You don't know how sour our face was . It was worse than this expression -.- 

Foooooooood is so important.


You believe it,
it have been a month.

We used to see each other almost 6 days a week - at least.


My stupid left swollen eye , ugh.

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HAPPY 12 12 12 

I had a great day with my girls at the mall.

How about yours, hmmm?

till then