Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Maybe it's true , I can't live without you.

I guess if you're my reader since I've started blogging , you should remember this dress. 

I don't know since when I've bought it but this is THE one piece that I'll never throw away . For the ever first time, I don't even care about my friends saying how many times I've repeated this dress. It's kind of the first dress that I bought myself after saving for don't know how many months. 

And yes,
RM 129 was such a huge amount to me back then .

I was only form 3? 

This is after PMR 

And I think it's the best picture I can find in my whole form 3 life wtf. You see - my hair is still short and honestly, I never had long hair until I start to grow it last year. And now, it's still not growing . 

If you have a formula to make hair grow faster,
please pm me on fb .

I'm desperate .


And so ,
we had a ' world end' dinner at Gardens on the 20th .

I can't believe I suggested something like that. I was telling Mingli and all I got was a  ' you serious bro' look but hey, at least I wanna see everyone IF it really ends right? 
But during the dinner,
I completely forget about that wtf.

And the jam was so busy that everyone was running late.

I was the first with Bernice ! 


I am never the first one on outings because I'm forever late. I can totally imagine Bernice reading this and nodding her head , claiming that she have to get all the credit because she drove my car. 

So applause to her for driving me the first time.

There she is .

My 5 inch heels help me and now , I can breathe better air than her wtf.

Squareeeey and my model.

So unglam photo of us LOL.

I swear I look so terrible in almost all pictures that I wanna KRAI TT

So pretty.

Settled down at Alexis and it's so different from the Bangsar one, I swear. 

The Bangsar one is so dark that I can't even read the menu but the Garden's one is so bright , wtf.

More pictures.

Flower Boy ~

That fml moment when a guy looks better than you in camwhoring photos -.-

Greetings from Raqul Reed, lol.

And some other photos from Sook Mun!

I was camwhoring with her S3 and I can't find the camera cos her phone is black...

I mean...

I was trying to find it.

I love how the camera effect makes it look like sketches :D

My eyebags are the accessories of the day , lol.

Totally love this photo of me & Sook!

Oh god,
how much have we grew ? 

Time really flies and the first time we met was seven year old. And now, we are freaking legal!