Sunday, December 23, 2012

I don't believe in forever.

Oh hi!

That's me in full pink , just for the sake of furniture shopping at Ikea the other day.

I guess I was all excited about buying new furniture and end up, I bought nothing but just a few coat protector , hanger and what do we call the thing that they hang clothes & can be push around wtf. On a bright side , I threw away some clothes because there's nothing I can fit anymore in my stupid small wardrobe wtf. 

And we had italiannies for lunch.

My ahma was so amazed by the bread there and she loves how the grilled salmon is cooked but personally, I still don't like the way they make the sauce too watery . It tasted so chinese and I wonder if real Italian food taste this way, hmm..


Sorry for the filtering effect.

it was suppose to be on instagram but I totally forget about it so yeah.

What do you think about my pink coordinate?


My pastel colour tie dye pants is just love .. AHHH.

And shamelessly promote the iphone cover from raqul reed.

And maybe,
we won't be selling iphone covers anymore ):

Accessories of the day.

I broke my blue charm bracelet and I'm still sad over it ):

Oh hi,

that's me forcing someone to take a picture of me for ootd.

Holy shiiitttt... what have instagram made me into? Sigh.

I have a better one.

Got better anot? 

So pink and pastel-ish , I like!


Do you know that this taste so damn freaking gooooooddddd?

Must try okay.

It's called Soya Blend if I'm not mistaken.

till then.