Thursday, September 17, 2009

Plus , we were never separated.

School makes me speechless .
End story

Look at her face and runaway from her.
She's so bitchy : D

I already expected a complain from ZhiWei
when the moment I click the "post" button on blogger.

ZhiWei is jeaaaalous .
She rajuked the whole night for this post
and there you go, bitch .

I have been posting bout you like every month , you know.

Later people think that I'm lesbian or something.
I know that you're gonna say ,"because I cute mar."
Excuse me *rolls eyes* XD

Woi , don't gimme that face,
I throw slippers at your face then there's a shoe print
on your face.You go out, everyone point and laugh at you.

I think I'm gonna repeat everything again and again.
Just for you,bitch. You better feel touched
and cry under your blanket then call me and say
if not , I won't post bout you anymore =D

Bitch , you're so scary . Do you know that?
Sometimes you recover so fast from everything
and it's not a good thing if you keep forcing yourself.

Everytime you want me to update bout you .
It reminds me of that time you tell me that you wanna change
school last minute and I'll never forget how angry I was .
I'm like the last one who knows and we're the tightest man.
I show you the kind of bitchy face the whole day after I knew it
but then I forgave you ,wtf .

Remember last year , we argued like 56386767367 times a day
and the girls were like giving us the kind of look everytime
we argued and everytime you started it first and you lose.

The times we argue with teachers ,
the times we stared at hot boys and then we find out that
they're not hot anymore after a few minutes
and the times , we always go to toilet to camwhore
and comb hair then gossip .Okaylah, sometimes we pee.

And I still remember once you flip my skirt up
and I couldn't flip yours because you're wearing baju kurung, ish.
Then the times you poke my stomach and waist for run
and I couldn't poke yours because idk why .

We always camwhore in class .
We're camwhore buddies , you know .
Now you're not here anymore, noone want camwhore with me.
That's why I don't really have alot of pictures in school.
Blame who ? Blame ZhiWei.

We tell each other like everything , seriously.
You even tell me when you wanna shit , wtf.
We're random and weird but we're so happy.
Noone in school can be like this already .
Everyone is keeping things to themself , whhhyyy ?

I still remember I taught you Octopus Mouth and you fail doing it.
Shit, that's goddamn funny.

: D

toilet breaks !

AW .

The prove of her failed octopus mouth . HAHAHAHA.

In gym last year and we really feel asleep !

I told the boys about your sampatness .
Er , in other words , our memories.
They were like , WHATDAFUCK but I know they're jealous
because they cant do it . Boys cant do it LOL.

We went out for like 212432434.41324383433457 times
and you embarrass me 32455757567767677577 times -.-

I know once I went crazy and I shouted across the mall
just to call you and god, that feeling rocks
if noone is looking at you . But, people were like staring at me
but I don't care then I finally understand why you do that.
So then , we shouted across the malls -.-

and those redbox times were the craziest times, with you.

I like this picture of us , it's like so bimbo-ish.

Our angel pose xD and then I dropped my spoon then we walked back to get a new one . LOL.

Then the salesgirl came to us and tell us that we're not allow to take pictures .

during my birthday and I look horrible >O<

used to like this but now I hate it , so ugly : (

the times that we sit and couple seats then we stalked the couples when they're hugging and making out in the cinema . LOL

and our latest picture !

Better think of me first when you're in trouble .
Actually I can sense it when you're sad and everything.
Remember that our brains link together
and we just need to look into each other's eyes
then we know what we want already .
We're susch a goddamn cool bitch :D

Don't always think you don't deserve stuff .
You deserve what you want , seriously.

Maybe others think that you're some weirdo from forest
but to me you're not, you're the happiest thing alive.
The happiest person I ever meet and you don't emo
more than 2 hours , right and yes , you always do a great job.
You can be lame at cheering people up but look,
since when you fail and you talk too much like me.
We should shut up together lar !

We're loud and crazy and we should stop looking for
people under the trees and pots already.
We always hug in the middle out of nowhere
and those kepochis keep staring at us as if
they never see people hug before in the middle of the way.


see how much I love her .

Bitch ,
I'll always be there for you and listen to all your complains
and I can promise you this as you know I rarely make promises.
See , how lucky you are : D and if you don't trust me, I'll be
damn sad lorrr :D

And ,

Our favorite picture of all !

ily : D

xo .