Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cause , you're a shining star .

Happy 15th Birthday , Lee Xueh Qi .
I almost forget your birthday and don't be disappointed .
Momma Beh will always remind me about things
and you can't blame me for forgetting things .
I'm ahma , old and forgetful : (

Okay , that was an excuse , a stupid one.

I'm glad to here bout the good news *eyebrows*
I was asleep by then so no reply ,
but I know you're happy enough to smile till you dreams.
Goddamnit , you have the best present ever.
I am happy for you too , like finally .

The bitching times to make each other feel better.
It was really LMAO when I read back which I saved as history.
And, I didn't know that I'm so into slippers
and lick the floor , wall,toiletbowl , and road -.-'
It was so lame , ohmygod : D

I still rmb that you send me a compostion bout me.
It's very very touching <3

I loveeeeeeeeeee you , Lee Xueh Qi
although it's not as much as your fishie
but I still love you, friend .

Still remember every friday we hang out to places
during std 6 till 3pm then only go home .
Old times Old times , teehee.

You don't need me to say ,
May your wish come true , for this year
because it already came true before i say it .

Happy birthday , babe.