Friday, September 4, 2009

I used to carry hopes but then , it change to disappointment then now I do not carry it anymore.

Shut up .
Stop asking bout my trials because I screwed up many papers.
I tembak-ed almost half of every paper , i think .
I didn't really study , serious .

I should be science that time ,
but instead of studying , I did two to three crossword puzzle.
Sigh. disappointed in me , no ?

Please don't let me fail , ohmygod .
If not seriously GG.COM already .

I'm so not ready for pmr
and it's only 30+ days to pmr .
Screw PMR !

Connection sucks , ish.

I went to Camerons lately and I forget
whether it's Sat or Sun , lousy memory.

Still remember the night before ,
I slept at 4.30am then I need to wake up
around er , 8 the next day.
It was a torture ,seriously TT

Slept throughout the whole journey.
Stopped at Ipoh for dimsum
and I didn't know that we need to wait for so long.
Because last time , Daddy use to bring me
and we don't need to line up .
This time without him , we need to .


Flash .

Without flash :)

Continue our journey and I can't sleep
when we're otw to that place.
The road is like a little bit...retarded?

I feel like puking otw there ,like seriously
but I didn't . Nothing comes out :O

Stopped at one shop out of nowhere
and the place is like Giant.
It's just that it's the smaller version.
There's this pond in the middle of the place
and their tortise are HUGE , there'rs small ones too.

Their sweet corn are really sweet ,
it's a must try :D

Up to Camerons , like finally.

Went to this market which is like this souveneir place.
There is this disgusting thing I tried.

beehive -.-'

No , I dont put it inside my mouth and chew it
then swallow it . Obviously it's a no no.
The thingi is so hard and black .
You need to have very strong teeth to bite that thing.

You just need to lick the honey all over it
then throw the stone away .
Yes, beehive is as hard as a stone .

Actually it taste not bad , it's sweet
but if your tongue touch the hard thing
and you know that's beehive , it's kinda ew.

Went to buy the strawberry with topping thingi
and yes , it's awesome . It's only 1 buck for each.

Wanted to try the strawberry ice-cream with
Strawberry topping and strawberries
but noone wants to share with me and that
thing is seriously huge , it costs like 6bucks or more.
So I didn't try that T____________T

I ate herbal egg ^^

All the shops is about strawberries.
Stawberry-like unmbrellas , pillows , keychains, stickers
and much more , crazy bout strawberries :D

Mini Cube , so cuteee : D

then , to the garden.
The flowers there is so pretty .
Never seen so many colours in a garden before.
And the price of it is cheap :D

Macro shots .

after that, we went home T_____T
Thought that we'll go to the tea garden .
You know , the Boh tea thing .
SIgh , nevermind.

Sleep for a little while then text .

Went to Kampar for dinner.
Reached home around 12 , i think.
I can't remember .

online then KOed.

The trip is not fun , sigh.

"Wake up"
"Mum , no . I need to continue my dream"
"wake up , girl"
*continue sleeping*
"When the time comes , it's for you to wake up from your dream"

-random sites-

When I'm free , I like to google bout quotes
other than Fahrenheit and Cal,.
There're few good websites but I'm not sharing :)

Texting is fun , no?
I think it's a manners to say bye if you wanna end it
and not replying is not the way, it's rude .
When I do it back to anyone of you , many of you get angry
so now you get how I feel right now ?
Same as msn (:

Not pissed but just that ,
what's wrong back the same thing that
you all to me , it's not a crime also .

I listen to everyone of you that wants to complain
and wants to let it all out from your heart . I listened .
But when I wanna talk to you all bout other stuff,
you're busy or went offline because we're not talking
bout your problem . it's not fair alright.

Zheeeeng said I'm a good listener
that's why he always complain to me TT
but I'm still listening lar zheng <3>