Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sometimes it's better to leave you behind than bringing you along because we realize everything could be better without you : )

I screwed up my maths paper
and I dare not show my tuition teacher.
I got a C :O

School is getting worse now like seriously.
Nah, you won't get what I mean .
I'm kinda scared , for some reasons.

Many people thought that I copy all my emo
post from the net . I just copied the poems TT
They say my english is not that good .
Waa , damn sad lor . : )

My trial's results is really a big sigh.
I can imagine my teacher turning the pages of the papers
with the tsk tsk tsk . =(

Have an outing with the girls lately.

Take note : Many pictures taken in the toilet

ZhiWei and I met up first .
Then she wants to go to the toilet so badly.
I asked whether she wanna pee or camwhore.
She answered both . LOL.

I'm so proud of her because she brought Canon Ixus.
12.1 megapixels. Jealous much . hmph.

Camwhore .

i likey.

Half way Camwhoring , Sook say she reached already
so we went to main entrance and we can't find her.

Me : ZhiWei ZhiWei ZhiWei.
Me : Where's she?
ZhiWei : Idk . she say she reaching right?
Me : *O.O* Maybe she's hiding under the trees.
ZhiWei : *looks at the tree* SOOK , ARE YOU THERE?!?!
Me : Or maybe in that pot *looks inside the pot*
ZhiWei : Wtf?!
Me : I think under the vase.
ZhiWei : Come let's carry the vase and find her.
Me : Don't be retarded lar , bitch. *push shoulder*
ZhiWei : What la bitch. *push shoulder*
*brust out laughing*

Okay, that's plain retarded .
We went in starbucks to find her again.
We're actually kinda blind so we went in and check.
Called and say at main entrance.

*waited for 5 minutes*
Me : OMG seriously , she in the pot ar.
ZhiWei : under the trees of vase . go take up the vase.
ZhiWei : *turns* HI SOOOOOOK .
Sook : hi ? *-.-' *

Then we told her , she was like okaaay -.-'

Went up to get Hotdogs .
I almost type Hotgods , wtf.

Then we went to Redbox and sing .
Only ZhiWei was hyper , like forever LOL.
Sang alot of emo songs and not emo songs wtf.

So ZhiWei was showing both of us the dance.
Noone gives a damn , LOL .

Bitch dragged Sook out and want to show her dance again.
She shouted the same sentence like 3 times .
So ZhiWei showed her dance and we say it's nice
finally she shut up and sing and she sat on my LV . hmph.
I'll remember this ZhiWei *rolls eyes*
LOL , old times.

I like the feeling of 3 of us in a karaoke room
because we don't sing , we shout.
If we come in a big gang , we don't dare to shout.
It's like so weird and kinda embrassing.

We sang , I mean shouted Yue Lai Yue Ai.
Yes , the 3 of us and the mirror almost break.

Kissy picture , forced by ZhiWei.

look at the fake smile , that's being force.


Spend round 2-3 hours there .
Almost cried when singing "Wo ai de ren* TT
Almost . Almost.

Left then to toilet for more pictures again.
Seriously there are more than this , in facebook
and some are still with ZhiWei so yeah.


To yogur berry then , after that back to each other's crib.

Chatting with Zheeeeng<3 now .
He so adorable , LOL and why so many people hate him for.
Stupid ar? Throw slippers at you if you hate him.

* - CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*dont worry zheng , you will protect me ma : )
LONELY ZhengZheng / Hou zai..XD <3 says:
*but cannot forever ma
*got 1 day i sure will not here 1
* - CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*then tht time , i need to protect myself edi lor .
LONELY ZhengZheng / Hou zai..XD <3 says:
*yea.sure got 1 day i will die
*mayb tumolo..mayb few minutes later
*haihs.cant protect u always de ma
* - CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*don't crap zheeeeeng.dont die . then noone protect me edi lor
LONELY ZhengZheng / Hou zai..XD <3 says:
*hahah .kay <3
* - CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
LONELY ZhengZheng / Hou zai..XD <3 says:
*I'm still here :)

Damn cute right . Rajuk everyday only LOL.
The last two lines DAMN LOL.

* - CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*you so popular in subang lar .
*many hates you but I DONT =D
LONELY ZhengZheng / Hou zai..XD <3 says:
*muacks jie ~
* - CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*muacks didi *pinch cheek*
LONELY ZhengZheng / Hou zai..XD <3 says:
* - CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:

Small boy Small boy.
OMG so cute . Xuelin and ZhiWei must be staring at me right now.

LONELY ZhengZheng / Hou zai..XD <3 says:
*your're zhiwei's bitch ??
* - CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*yes , she's my bitch too .
LONELY ZhengZheng / Hou zai..XD <3 says:
*no jelous la
*as long as u treat me as a didi and a fwen
*thn i'm edi enough
* - CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:
*of course i do .
*i'm your listener too .
*you can tell me bout your probs .
*i listen one.
LONELY ZhengZheng / Hou zai..XD <3 says:
*u can tell me oso
*I'm gonna listen to u too
*jie ~
*we da gou gou <3
* - CarmenLimKahMun <3 says:

Zheng Zheng is so cuteeeeeee : D
He have so many things to say
and I have so many things to listen everyday.
I really listen kay !

Zheeeeeeeeeeeng <3
Don't be sad already kay. Cheer up.
CarCar is here ..

Let's play a game. : D

hey youu[you know who you are]! why did you even raise your volume at me
when i only ask you one simple sentence POLITELY?
whattheheck is wrong woman?
well, if you want him so badly then take him but just to let you know
stop blardy fcuking act cute infront of us and him again..
we do not wish to ever see it again.

Guess who?

you know, you're not cute and you think you're cute.
no wonder you won the oscar in acting cute.
i dont hate you, but why you hate me?
cause you like the guy that likes me.
imagine if one day your friend married to your crush,
are you gonna spoil the wedding by burning down the wedding venue?
i think thats something you would do though.
by the way, you wanna be pretty,
you dont have to look in the mirror cause it wont help anyway.
you think others even cares when you hate them?
you shouting to them is like a soft wind blowing with only screechy noises.
and you think you blink one eye and everyone fall in love with you ah?
even if it really happens in reality, i think i will win in this competition.

Ke aii baby xiaoo ren ren. She requested.
WOW , so bitchy one.
Guess who ?

everyone is turning back to you so you realize what you did wrong , yet?
You have your friends now and you don't need us anymore.
Don't hate people for no reason anymore and don't shout at people
for stupid reasons , think before you do everything or I should say,
not to think too much that others hook into you , anymore.
Perhaps you can use your way again , telling people . we bullied you
but who's the one shouting to me while I didn't do anything.
Anyhow, thanks for being a good friend before but now, not anymore.
I am very very disappointed in you because you don't trust me.
So now , there it goes everything .

Too obvious. noneed guess edi : )


Look at us. We're happier without you.
It's not us being mean , it's what you did to all of us and you didn't know.
No good luck for you because you already have all the good luck
when you're with us so now you're left with the bad ones.
Oops , how ? Don't worry you're the strongest among us all
but now we learn to be and we don't need you anymore.
Not we left you first , you left us first and give up on us .
Friends are each other's backbones and never give up on each other
but you gave up on us , you're disappointed on us so are we.
Can't you see , we smile wider , laugh louder and talk directly
after you're gone and now you can finally accept the fact we can be better without you.

SMEB , sigh.

why must this be in my blog.
It's like I'm the only bad one , so unfair >.<

xo ?