Monday, September 21, 2009

Our love is a perfect crime xD

Hello .
My chatbox is so entertaining, no?
Will be up here for awhile, I guess .
Until I get fed up or maybe until it makes me sad
but I laughed and thanks for the people who eventually fight back for me
when I am really really speechless bout it.

And : D, you seriously talk like me O.O

Like ZhiWei say , you stalked us ar?
Sorry if I distubed you eating your grass and flowers
and mud too LOL .

Pictures of my ugly face to keep you vomitting, wtf.

i look so ew here O.O

Followed my grandma to her meet up with her friends.
She dragged ahkong along and yeah, that place was so boring TT.

My ahkong and I was like stoning the whole night.
Ahma have alot of fun with her friends, gossiping
bout who's daughter and who's son together then,
talk bout lottery and go to which temple to pray to get more money.

Seriously, aunties ar -.-

My mum is almost the same but way cooler :D


I can't wait to see ZhiWei tmr
although it's just 2 freaking hours .
Bitch , let's scream across tmr.

XO .