Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle, life is a maze and love is a riddle.

I'm still thinking there's school tmr .
We kinda have quite alot of holiday.
Last month , we only have 1week of school.

Who doesn't like holidays ?
But too much of it , will make you sick tho.

Anyhow , I have new record.
I woke up at 6pm , yes I repeat 6pm O.O
I sleep around 2.30am the night before.
15hours . OMG =.=

There's many pictures I found in my computer
which is taken long long time ago .
With my siblings and everything .

Everyone squeeze in one room that night.
Kids are so adorable, you know .
We laughed and shout till late night roun' 3.
Mummy came in and gives us a big stare
then we keep quiet and go to bed , like very quietly.

After mummy went out for like 5minutes ,
we start making noise again .
Sleep really late .

Jasper woke me up , the next day
by shaking me , shouting into my ears,
off the aircond, pulled my blanket away
and took my pillows even my baby pillow away.
But, I continue sleeping . wtf

So Chloe and him come along then I wake up.
Kids ar ...

Got ready and everything and off we go.
I remember that we ate Bak Kut Teh.

Her signature pose , LOL

she requested l

Went around places which IDK .
Noise pollution in the car.
Shouting to each other , Screamings
and yeah , they're noisier than me.

I'm proud to be noisy ! -.-
If the situation is quiet, I can make noise .
Although the bitch ZhiWei is better than me.
She is super noisy LOL .
Miss her <3

Why are we there ? LOL

Went home for dinner and all .
Pictures will do the talking .
I'm lazy to elaborate
and also , I really forget edi.
This is like so long time ago.

Ignore my retarded face :)

yes , the stick out tongue pose.

fringe up.


Venice take one.

Venice take two.

Not ready .

I love my family , I love my siblings and baby cousins.
I like noise !

Hope they don't grow up
because I enjoy the feeling of being call everytime
and I like the way they rajuk , it's like so cute,
But, I can't do it anymore . Imma big girl now.
Sigh, I'm jealous when they do that to daddy.
I still do it but not often .

Dad says , Big girls doesn't do that everytime.

It's so unfair!
When they rajuk , they get everything.
I want also .

Can't wait till tmr .
Girls day out =D

Fahrenheit is LOVE <3