Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You lighten up the city , turn off the noises.

So many people in the world , on earth .
We hardly get to find the ones who we can depend on.

Now , take a look around you .
Have you find the one you can trust ,
the on you can depend on and the one who cares bout you?
It's hard to point out any of them right ?
It's either you have none or too many .

I have many , LOL.
At least , it's more than a ONE alright .

She's one of them .


Yes , Suetteng :D

Still remember the first met up was Melannie's party
and She thinks that I'm unfriendly TT

But then everything is going on great between us.
Noone can actually understand how great it was.

We're each other's backbone and we support each other nomatther what.
We correct each other's mistake and we're trying to learn
although it fails a multiple of times but at least,we're happy.
We emo together , We laugh together and sometimes ,
we cry together and How long have we know each other ?
It's like only a few months time , 5 months to be exact.

She's the one who settle things for me all the time.
I'm too stupid to know what to do
and I think keeping everything to myself is the best
but now I realize , it's a no no .

So she became my toilet bowl and rubbish bin .
Everytime I need a listener or someone to console me,
there . she will be the one and she always wanted the best for me.
Although sometimes I don't like the way she do it
but then , it gives me what I wanted .

How many times I have annoyed her with the same thing again,
I dare not count and wait , it's countable ? lol.

Situation always change.

Your break is here and now , it's my turn to take over your job.

I'll always be there for you , nomatter what.
I will listen to you and support every decisions you make.
If you're in trouble , I'll back you up like how you did .

Cut out the emo times ,
We crapped like hell damn alot and be a bitch ,
bitching bout people we know and don't know
behind their backs like so many times .
But , they don't know and it's the fun of it.

We can laugh at everything .
We laugh for stupid reasons and yes , it's stupid LOL

Every outing is kinda fun with you .
Okaay , not kinda . it's fun.

Till now , I still don't understand why am I AHMA .
it's like so old and annoying .
Can I be someone younger instead .
LOL . I dont nag , I listen so how can I be ahma.

And Suetteng , your "NOTHING BETTER TO DO AR"
should be cut off , it's like damn ... -.-'
Even your own daughter complains that .

Please ,
look around you .
So many hot guys you know .
Come on , just choose one of them .
Don't make them stare at you from far anymore. :)

And , you know what .

I love you , daughter
and please don't give me anymore heartattacks .

If I die , you need to talk to the wall . HAHAH .

loves ,
your mummy .