Wednesday, September 23, 2009

因为,你把我当成天后所以我只想专属于你,当你的天后 <3

Hello : D

Nope , you don't expect my :D change to D:
Disappointed much?

Anyhow ,
you people watched 100% enetertainment ytd night,
Got see CalCal anot ? he's so awww : D

Didn't spend two hours with ZhiWei tho
but three hours :D:D
Sorry lar, long time never see her ma .

and you know what ?


Seriously and it brings back memories .
Those time when we're in form two , LOL.
and we insult strangers and laugh at them
for no reason , wtf .

Met bitch up round one something
and yes as usual , she hugged me in the middle
out of nowhere and everyone was like staring
at us and I asked her to stop and she doesn't care -.-

Ole Ole Bali for lunch.

Everything was pretty there, I guess.
The price was , also . D:

ZhiWei's Canon IXUS 110 IS

caught camwhoring O.O

If you miss ZhiWei , but I know you dont lar.

and me with those , forks and spoons -.-

The drink came first .
Wait , is it a drink ? O.O

Then I snatched it over :)

It was nice, and it cost more than ten bucks.

LOL. i know . this looks damn wrong .

and the food.

LOL and left.

Tht smartie pants brought less than 30bucks
and the total is like , 56.35 .
I remember the cents too because she was like
and the waitress was like giving us that kind of look.'s so embrassing.

I paid 50bucks and she paid the rest ,
and tht 35cents -.-

Walked around the mall , laugh at people.
Glared at them for no reason D: lifeless.
then stared at hot guys with lala hairs.

then to get bubble tea !

Need to wait for awhile . Too many people O.O

I know that adding extra pearls doesn't need to pay extra
so I went up to that fella and asked for extra pearl
and extra extra pearl . : D

We camwhored : )

i like this shot , by ZhiWei.

ZhiWei <3

as requested .

ew , so lala .

after that , she say MY HEAD SO BIG . hmph.

Pheww , take a break first.
We took round 20 pictures or more at the place.
Like non-stop and those people who are waiting for their bubble tea
keep looking at us . aiya, not first time also so dont care la.

i like this one .

i like this too : D


after we get ours, we went off and then phone calls and everything.
So yeah .

ZhiWei's HAR face XD

Then angelina called us and asked whether we're at pyramid
then we went and find her.
I thought she were down there at Old Town White Coffee
so yeah , we reached that floor edi then this stupid girl
tell me that she were at asian avenue , the highest floor
and we were there like 5mins ago .

And Angelina !

Talked to her for awhile then we left .
ZhiWei say I'm disturbing Angelina and her family.

then to photobooth .

ZhiWei&I : *holding camera*
Lalamui : *opens the curtain*
Me : *glared at her*
ZhiWei : MA DE ! *stared*
Lalamui : Sorry Sorry. *left*
Me : eh bitch , you damn bitchy wei!
ZhiWei : you also damn bitchy lar !
*then we laughed*

damn random , I know.

butterfly on my nose xD

Bump into Angelina again , SAID HI :)

To toilet and Camwhore. wtf

: D

around 4 , everything end .

LOL , bitch. can wait to meet you after pmr , again.

Anyhow , I wanna go get more tees .

Yes , Cal :D
Must study for pmr mar : D