Friday, September 11, 2009

才知道有些感受,我和他都不曾说出口 。

PMR is like 26 days away or less .
Trials result were really bad , people laughed at me TT
99.999% getting last in class , I'm serious.

Ytd sucks , like seriously.

Ms.Chow checked on the girls , yes everyone girl
in SriKL secondary school. She was so rude and she acted
like a bitch or she's one. Her voice is so girly , wtf .
Sorry out of the topic . She's so bitchy , enough said.

She : You highlighted your hair ?
Me : No. I dye the whole head.
She : Wow , nice colour but dye it back to black.
Me : Did it already but then it turns out to be like that again. how ?
She : stupid attitude *bitch stare*

I know she's jealous that it looks like highlight -.-

She wants me to clip up my fringe and the pissing off part is,
she messed up my hair and she said "Oops, it's messy" .
FUCK , I was so so so so so so so ANGRY .
That moment I feel like slapping her , like seriously.
I wasted money on the pasar malam pins
which is only like 1 buck for a packet . ish =/

I want throw slipper at her . OMG .
Ask her go die !!

As usual , get scoldings again . yay ?
It's like scolding but it's not or maybe advising.
Cut it short , being confronted over things that it shouldn't be.
Just want to know what's wrong with me
and wow , a script that is written long is out .
Was sad , cried but it doesn't matter till the end .

Shut the fuck up , damnit .

Got some very bad news for me .
Thought it was real but didn't want to accept the fact
so asked , argued . It's like a everyday routine.
I'm tired but can't help it .

Yes, stupid thrusday .

Nothing much bout Friday.
I was emo but then I'm not .
I hate PMSing O.O

Laughed out so loud with Fishie and Donniena.
They were going through each other's camwhore pictures
and YAY , I think I can find people camwhore with me edi.
One of bloop bloop bloop's picture , LOL tzeyue.
was so damn cute , ask Donniena if you don't trust me.
Not only one, there's one more too and it's funny, idk why.
I laugh , dk whether it''s because of the picture or
them laughing .

talking bout pictures *eyebrows*

LOL camwhore : D

When it's not perfect , you complained that it's not . When it is , you think that it's too weird to be perfect. It's like , When i'm there for you , you blamed me for caring too much .When I'm not there , you say i don't care.

Donniena's pose .
Went through her pictures , just now.

Random :

ZhiWei : Carmen , what's milo's friend ?
Carmen : sugar milo ? lolo? wtf.
ZhiWei : No . it's YOUR-lo.
Carmen : LOL DAMN FUNNY HAHAHAHAHAHAH XD but so lame one -.-


"if you wanna shit , I'll be your toilet bowl"
"if you're the toilet bowl , I rather don't shit forever"



Me : seahorse under fish right?
Yuhung : no .
Me : then ?
Yuhung : seahorse is under horse la . *serious face*

I have something to say , seriously.
Don't laugh laaaa . i'm trying to be serious right here.
WOI.SHUT UP stop laughing .

Number one :
Don't do anymore things that is wrong although you think you're right.
Think twice before you do , just before everything gets worse.
Wake up , this is not taiwanese/korean drama , it doesn't work.
Although it do affect me a little or maybe alot , you know.

Number two :
Noone can keep a lie going on forever .
Sooner or later , people will find out so there's no use lying.
The things that is not in your plan already happen.
You said there's always a turning back or uturn ,
if there's is lucky you and unlucky me.

Number three :
Don't put blames on others anymore , it's not important
whose fault it is. maybe you're the victim but it just
doesn't matter anymore.I don't really want to care already.

Number four :
I don't want bitch fight over something that I can't get .
Yes, I'm a loser and I think being a loser than winning.
If you want to fight, you want fight with the wall , or
maybe the air in the sky. Noone will stop you tho.

Number five :
Noone can teach me what to do in my life.
My life , my problem.I complain , you shut the fuck up.
Before I tell out more things that everyone shouldn't know.

Number six :
I don't need any suggestions from you. I know what to do.
I'm not like last time , hiding myself anymore.
So what if it's annoying , does it bother you ?

Number seven :
I know who's right and who's wrong.
I'm not blind . You don't teach me who to trust or not to.
It affected me , so ? it doesnt change anything.

Number eight :
No use using bitch stare at me.
I was a bitch or maybe still am
and I did that to so many people before.
You think I'm afraid of it ?

Number nine :
If it time turns back again , then you're lucky.
Noneed to tell or share oh-so-cute love story.
Not interested , at all .

Number ten :
Promises were beautiful between people
but now, it's turns ugly to me .
I hate promise breaker but now, I hate people create
promises and tell it's true when it's not.

Number eleven :
I think you're right , you got the most important
one . yes , winner . you got it .

Number twelve :
Not my fault anymore.