Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Back for more brunch place ! 

I never thought that I would run out of suggestion to friends whenever they want to head for brunch. I have been isolating myself for a little because of assignment dues. And, I am still not done with it yet. 

Please drop me a message if you have awesome brunch place to share :)

I head to KL for Feeka which is located at Jalan Mesui. I heard that they serve pretty awesome food for brunch and also, they are pretty famous among the tourist for breakfast and coffee. When tourist like this place, I believe that it will meet up to expectations. 

That's me and Jessica at the counter. 

The purpose of having them up here , is to show you their idea of saving energy. I love how they use natural resources ( sunlight) instead of having their lamps on in the day. This definitely meet up to the expectation of reserving our mother Earth. A plus point for Feeka for having this thought and being a good example for everyone that steps in to Feeka. 

Cakes on the deck , which are selling really fast. 

We settled down with White Chocolate topped with nuts. I couldn't exactly remember the name but the cake was just fine. It was worth the rm12 I pay , but not the best I have tried. Perhaps the famous Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake , or Chocolate Tart would be a better choice.

Definitely love the choice of dark shade of table to make the coffee and cake stand out. The flower needs to be there to make it artistic. This is something insta-worthy, lol.

Latte at RM 10. 

Cappucino at RM 10.

The coffee definitely meet up to expectations. I could say that, it is one of the best in town. I am not exaggerating because this is the first place I visited after I came back from Melbourne. You know how good the coffee is , over there. Every coffee I consumed basically suck after I am back from Melbourne, but the coffee in Feeka was good. Really good. 

Beef Sandwich at RM18 .

One of the most recommended dish online, and I should say that it's really delicious. The portion is generous. The slices of sirloin is juicy and they have horseradish relish with swiss cheese which pairs up so perfectly. I thought it was just pink mayonnaise , but it's something healthier. The Roasted Rye Bread is crispy and fresh. Overall , it was a two thumbs up. 

Brioche French Toast at RM16

I ordered this because I missed the french toast from Auction Rooms back in Melbourne. This is a cheating version compared to the one I had because they did not soak the french toast long enough so there are still white areas which is tasteless. The spiced pineapple and orange sauce was really yummy and I can assured that it's all homemade. I really loathe places that use canned or preserved food. 

It's really unfair that I compared this to the ones in Melbourne. But if I haven't try those in Melbourne, this is overall okay. This is sweet based so if you prefer savoury food , this would be a no no.


We couldn't fit them all in in a square so this is it. 

I literally only have black , white and red in my wardrobe. I need more than three colours in life, lol.

till then.