Friday, December 5, 2014

The Hardware Societe

Another brunch post from Melbourne , and I swear that I have more pictures that you can imagine from my holiday. I would love to blog about Melbourne whereabouts but all I did was eating -.-

This time, I visit The Hardware Societe which is the one of the most famous brunch place on the list besides Top Paddock ( which I didn't manage to visit). It is located at Hardware lane. 

It took us 30 minutes to get our seats, and it was raining outside. I enjoyed the coldness though , a lot more than I thought. Despite the morning started with a downpour, it still didn't rinse my enthusiasm of food away.

Compared to the other places, Hardware Societe's interior is more bright and lively with their bright colour painted walls and beautiful wall stickers. The place is really small , and there is a no way that you could sit down to have a good talk after you finished your food because the line is really long. The people in Melbourne is really polite so, I don't think they will exactly chase their customers away. Perhaps they don't even need to because everyone is really considerate there. This is one of the extra point I like this city.

This is the beautiful butterfly wall sticker I've mentioned. Pictures with the background may be insta worthy but I don't think I'm going to do a throwback on my insta because I was a little more plumper than how I am right now. 

Hot Chocolate at 4.5aud ,
which contains 54% dark callebaut chocolate. It's written in the description on the menu. This cup probably goes well with the cold weather, giving you a warm comfort. I didn't have a sip of it but people whom order it said that, it's probably one of the best hot chocolate they have tasted. Well, Koko Black is cold so I am not sure if you could compare them. 

Cappucino at 5aud,
I think the coffee is a little more expensive here compare to the ones you can find outside. There's nothing exactly that I can compliment on besides the coffee art effort simply by comparing to any other cups you can find on the same street. However, if you were to compare to Malaysian cafe standard, this could be described as god-like. 

The Continential at 14 aud, 
which is a typical english breakfast set which is completely not filling. This will be a good choice when you want to keep your weight in check. I would want to give credit on the schulz organic yogurt with granula crumble ; it's really good! 

Bircher at 11aud.

I just realized that I always choose french toast. I could say that this couldn't meet up my standards because the one I had in Auction Room was heavenly delicious. Since Hardware is on the top 3 on the list of  the 'must visit' , I actually expected more. The pear was right on point when it goes with the vanilla and blueberry syrup coating below it. The presentation of the dish did make me happy though!

Baked Eggs at 14aud.

This is one of the most famous and recommended dish in Hardware. I was stretching myself from the other end to snap a picture of it desperately thus, bad photo. The ingredients was really generous and this is probably one of the best dish on the table.

Scrambled Eggs at 16aud.

The beetroot cured salmon was good but cold. Was expecting the eggs to be more flavourful. This brings down the rank even if the texture of the eggs were right on point. 

Pork Belly at 18 aud.

This is under the lunch menu which is also available since it's already 11am. The layer of pork belly seemed to be more than awesome to pork belly lovers. I'm not fond of pork belly so I didn't want to try it. This would be worthy since it's really good and filling. 

Slow Cooked Lamb at 18 aud.

This would be the best out of all the dishes I have mentioned above. I could taste mint in the gravy. I never thought that mint and yogurt could go so well together. The portion of this dish is also hearty. The lamb is soft , and tender. 

I could say that this is the only dish that meet up to my expectations.

Overall, I think that there are better places which serves more quality food compared to Hardware. Perhaps they are really busy that day resulting the drop in quality of food. Despite so, the line is still ridiculously long due to the online reviews claiming that this would be a place everyone don't want to miss out. The customer service was good. The coffee was fine. The ambiance is definitely cheerful and lively, making up the gloomy rainy days. However, they should also sustain the quality of the food presented on the table meeting up to the expectations of what the customers would expect from a five star rating online reviews. 

It was an overall good experience.