Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Tea Republic.

At times, you just want to reverse your own routine and do something different. It's more than just difficult to reject the habit of the day , but you just want to be rebellious. As much as caffeine shapes my mood for the day, I decided to have tea on that particular day. It was way months back when ZhiWei is back for her summer break. We literally cling on each other every single day. It is true that it's the matter of priorities and no one is too busy for anyone.  

Coffee break now turns into conversation over tea. It was hopelessly romantic that day because it was raining. lol.

We settled down at The Tea Republic at Bangsar Shopping Centre. 

Alright, my best friend is pretty hot lol.

This shop is not exactly eye-catching, and really small. It took us sometime to spot the place and we are always lost reading directories. 

The interior mainly features on white and the songs they play are slow. It's good - a different kind of comfortable.

Ceylon Breakfast Black Tea for me to play safe because I do not particularly have liking on what scent my tea would be. Black Tea is one of the most ordered ones on the menu regarding to them , thus it's my choice. The scent is just like English Breakfast Tea , but a little sweet when I indulge it. I thought it would be tasteless.

Coral Sunset for best friend since she wanted a fruit-based tea featuring peach, apple and mango. The fruit aroma is highlighted with floral scent of hibiscus. It was rather refreshing because it was clear. I know that the combination of fruit is a little unusual but it brings the whole point of choosing a fruit-based tea - sweetness. 

As much I don't want to admit it, I ordered the rainbow cake due to the colours. I know that they are solely butter-based cakes with colourings but the layer of colours is so attractive that I need to order it. It was a choice of cake and sandwich - we had Rainbow cake and Egg Mayo Sandwich. 

They also offered hearty portion of sandwiches with turkey ham fillings and different kinds of wraps. Other than rainbow cake, they have other choices of cakes which is vary based on their supplier. 

I heard that their Victoria Sandwich is good. Tell me if it's delicious so I could return. 

Mandatory girly instapicture .

And more pictures so that my post will look a little interesting ;

I'm pretty good at this , don't you think so? lol.

You just have the rhythm coordinate well when the photographer is your best friend, and vice versa. There is no room for being shy. 

And more selfie of us ....without make up , lol.

I can't believe my face is this round four months back, oh god. I can't see my jawline anywhere !

We moved in because the rain start hitting on our faces and our chairs. It was really pathetic for us to desperately carry the things to move indoors , trying to save our tea. 

It was a great day - a different kind of comfort , and a little romance because the rain was pouring heavily outside. lol.

I just need to. 

So what is your choice - coffee or tea?