Sunday, December 21, 2014

When you allow the bad to win.

Every individual is different , in terms of personality and looks - or perhaps something more than that which one could never see. I always think that these differences is what make one so beautiful. Perhaps not flawless, but the flaws which one hate about themselves are still love by another which they will never understand why. I really love how people embraces each other's flaws as whole and appreciate them like they are perfect. This could be regard as true love, and not in the terms of romance only. 

I think it takes a lot of courage for one to open up to tell another their own flaws. Well, I don't know about the others. But it takes me a lot of courage to tell other people my own weakness. Often, I only do that to those people I trust because I truly believe that as long as I accept their flaws , they will accept mine. As cruel as it sound , not all things in the world will be reciprocated. 
And it will definitely be a dilemma for me to put the blame on myself for trusting someone too much to show them my weakness , or to blame the other for betraying my trust. I can't come into conclusion and find a balance in between these because I want to get over it, seeking for closures. 

In the end, I think that it don't really matter because what is done is done. 

I think it's more important for me to focus of being good myself , rather than getting all emotional over other people's bad intention. I never understand the satisfaction of one stealing other people's happiness. When it doesn't belong to you, it will never be yours. Even if it is yours , it will just be temporary. 

When you allow the green-eyed monster in you to take over, you will never be happy. Because, you can never win - losing to yourself in the end, actually.