Friday, December 12, 2014

The Owls Cafe .

This is me two months ago. Also, this proves how long this post is delayed in my drafts . I wanted to finish up all the post I have in drafts by the end of this year and I guess the plan is failing. December is always a little more busy than usual because I always want to tick the boxes of my checklist , and this year I guess it's almost done. 

This new year resolution thing is actually pretty motivating. Or perhaps, I want to draw a full stop before I hit 21 next year. 

People don't age according the figures of their age , maturity often comes with life experiences so I think that there is no difference. I just don't want to miss out anything I could do right now because I get lazier. 

Throwback to a new cafe in Sri Petaling named The Owls Cafe. 

I always love cafes showing this , allowing us to know the difference of the different cup of coffee they could offer.

Located at the second floor, the place is pretty limited in space. The interior major in white and peach, different from cafes which dim the lights with dark comfortable background. The Owls Cafe is rather more lively , and comfortable. The natural sunlight shining through the window with the full blast of aircond makes the whole environment alive. I love how cafe uses the natural sunlight in the day, and have their lights dim at the right point during the night. 

The Owls Cafe's signature is their waffles. 


This is one of their signature waffle ; and I couldn't deny how beautiful the presentation is. Besides being insta-worthy, the waffle was really light and crispy. The bater was mixed really well , and the scent of milk was really strong. The generous amount of fresh fruits and soft vanilla ice cream topped up with the good reviews you could read online.

Rebecca was beyond delicious . 

Couldn't get enough of the good presentation and taste of this waffle.

Flat White was light enough , and the coffee meet up to the expectation. It was smooth, and mild. 

I think this combination is really the perfect match for an afternoon break. Sometimes you just need to have something different besides a slice of cake. 

The Owls Cafe made my day . 

However, there are limited choice of pastry, cakes and things on the menu during my visit. I believe that they have improvise them since they are offering more than just one kind of waffle , toast and so on. This place is good for people who want to spend their afternoon with comfort food and a cup of good coffee. 

It would be perfect if the cafe emphasize on toning down their volume. It's not the people whom is in the place, but the way the barista brew the coffee was a little loud - it sounded like he was hammering something.

Besides that, everything is just fine.

Last picture , even if it looks more than just bad. lol .

till then.