Saturday, December 27, 2014

Nathalie Gourmet Studio.

Time flies, isn't it? 

There's only a few days left to New Years Eve, reaching 2015. Is it me or this year pass ridiculously fast? It feels like I have not enough time. I didn't slow down and enjoy the moments besides going to Melbourne for a short holiday. This whole year was hectic. I doubt that I could fork out anytime to go on a short getaway at the beginning of next year. Now, it angers me a little that everyone's timetable is not align - and I guess, this is one of the loss of growing up.

Back to November where we celebrated Bernice's birthday with semi-fine lunch at Nathalie's Gourmet Studio at Publika. She have been telling me about how good the food are, and how awesome the macaroons is. So chose this place to dine in. 


I created a hashtag for her on insta which make her ridiculously speechless. I was attempting a very artistic shot, but there's no talent in my blood. 

They have pretty good offers for their lunch deals , and the best is , they are very empty in the day. I heard that you need bookings at night. We played safe by giving a call. It would be so vibe killing if there isn't any empty seats. Perhaps it's a little early , we were the few ones in the place. 

Complimentary bread with butter ; and the bread was a little hard. However, the butter was good. It has a strong milky scent compare to the ones I had before.

And one thing about fine dining, the names are always ridiculously long which I loathe to search for.

Sea Urchin Royale, Hokkaido Scallop Carpaccio, Celeriac Bouillon
RM 32

Australian Grass Fed Beef Burger 

The petty was really hearty , and look at the sizzling melted cheese over the thickness of the petty. I wish I could say something more about the fries. My undying love for fries is beyond imagination. The burger is on the other menu especially for lunch , thus it is not available on the official website.

Lamb in Two Ways, Shoulder Slowly Cooked in Spicies, Tenderloin Seared, Eggplant Caviar, Momotaro Tomato and Lamb Short jus 

The lamb was really flavorful. I love slow-cooked lamb because they often taste tastier, and the weird smell of it wears off. When the chef couldn't control the species to go with the lamb, the whole lamb dish fails unless you have marinated black pepper lamb. 

 Revised Beef Tenderloin Daube Way, Carrots in Different Textures

This is my pick of main course. I had it medium-well which I regretted. I should have it medium rare instead. However, it did not spoil my appreciation towards this pick of mine. The carrots in different textures isn't just a fancy description to attract your attention. The carrot really do have different texture, and I particularly liking it softer. I love their sauce coated over all the plate. It was so good that I never allow any drip of the gem to be ignored. My plate was crystal clear , lol.

  Café gourmand, Red Fruit and Lemon Triffle, Macaron, Chocolate Spoon, Fig Confit, Cinnamon Cream
RM 22

I love this combination of dessert because there is three types of it. The macaroon was really good, even better than TWG ( but not Pierre Herme). The Red Fruit and Lemon Triffle satisfied my tastebuds because it's a little more than sour but still sweet. The girls said that it's too sour for their liking but it was heaven to me. The chocolate spoon is made out of Belgium thick chocolate which was a little bitter. 
From sour , sweet to a little bitter. 

This combination of dessert is definitely a worthy try. 

Revised Strawberry Crumble, Marbled Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream 

I would prefer them to replace Vanilla Ice Cream with Sorbet or Gelato so that it would be an extreme end to this dessert. The Strawberry crumble was good because it was a little hard but after being in the strawberry blended sauce, it turn a little softer. It was sweet and sour at the same time. The crumble was savoury. Loving everything that taste a little sour, instead an all-in sweetness.

Wishing you all the best , stepping into twenty. She is actually the youngest among all of us. 

Chocolate Dome, Strawberry Panacota, Red fruits Sorbet
RM 26

We chose this as her birthday cake instead. I don't think it's a good idea for us to buy her a whole cake because we always end up stuffing ourselves like mad and couldn't get over the overload calories count at the end of the day. 

A group picture in the restaurant is a need but it is still not satisfying. 

Another one outside for the sunlight!

Black floral Mini Dress for ootd.

It has been a while since I wear a dress , though. 

Birthday girl in floral too, but a completely contrast shade. I told you that we always wear contrast outfits. 

Loving this photo of her.

And lastly,

Four of us. 

Loving this picture more than just a lot. 

I think this place really serves great food, with simple ambiance. Probably a good place for occasions. I believe that it will be romantic at night too.

You can visit the website for their special package for fine lunch at reasonable prices. Actually, I would think that it is affordable for what they serve, and compare to their ala carte menu. Well, you can choose to save and eat the same quality of food. 

I will definitely be a retuning customer for Nathalie's.