Monday, March 16, 2015

Phad Thai.

I had a craving for thai food for a period of time because nobody wants to have thai for lunch. I was supposed to go for MyElephantThai that day, however something turn up so everyone ditches me. Thank god that Xiuming was free that day. And also, I had Thai for dinner. #lovehertothemoonandback lol. 

She suggested us to try out this thai restaurant which have been in taipan for a while. They have pretty good reviews and also, their price are way cheaper than the initial restaurant I wanted to go.

The interior is really simple. They remind me alot of BKK. Most of the thai restaurants you could find in BKK, are actually like this. They are pretty minimalistic. Only places like this serves quality food , pairing up with affordable price. 

I can't believe that I forgot to post this on insta. I guess, I'll do a throwback soon for this picture. There is a lot of effort behind every picture I took, okay. 

The food ;

Som Tum at RM 9.90 

House Speciality Papaya Salad , which is one of the famous dish in Phad Thai restaurant. The portion is hearty, and I love how crunchy they make the whole dish is. This cold serving of Papaya Salad is different from the traditional Som Tum with the presence of boiled salted egg. Definitely a must have for their appetizer!

Kampong Tom Yam Seafood at RM15.90 

Instead of Tom Yam Goong, we decided to try Clear Soup tomyam. I didn't want too much of coconut milk since we are having green curry. As you can see, their generous amount of ingredients given made it so worthy. To be honest, I always prefer clear soup over the ones with coconut milk - Tom Yam Goong. This is definitely something comforting during rainy days.

Green Curry Chicken at RM 12.90

This green curry is good. Although myElephant Thai still wins, I think they serve the most authentic green curry. Their ingredients are pretty basic which is what is essential in the dish. The gravy goes so well with the rice. It is really difficult to find good green curry outside. This is rather more than just good. 

Instead of having white rice, both of us went all greedy to order speciality rice. I can't believe that I agree to it or, was I the one who suggested that. This breaks my calorie meter. I wonder what did I have in mind that I have let myself all lose. 

Whatever it is, I have no regets. 

Pineapple Fried  Rice at RM9.90

Nothing beats this famous thai-style fried rice serve in pineapple. I like with a lot of roasted cashew nuts and pineapple. It's easy to find this dish everywhere else, but not many of them have good nuts lol. I remember I had one plate with the spoiled nuts, and also it spoils my day. I could rate this a 7/10 ; I don't like my fried rice wet. Also, this is not as oily as it seems. ( although it doesn't save anything else)

Crab Meat Fried Rice at RM 7.90

We couldn't make up our mind if we want noodles or rice. I never like thai-style noodles so I suggested another dish. Also, it's good to go with our combination of order above. Compare to Pineapple Fried Rice, I think this loses a little bit. It tastes good, but their ingredients are minimal. Also, it's too oily for our liking. 

With drinks, we settle for the basic. 

Thai Milk Tea- RM3

It tastes a little like Teh Ais, and I always love this drink. This is definitely something different. I feel that its the innovation of our teh ais, lol. Must order ok!

Pandan Tea -RM1.50

It was all colouring :(

Meet Ming, lol.

And me , lol.

Looking at this picture makes me speechless. 

How can the both of us have this much of food? 

I remember us sitting in the restaurant for 20 minutes, having food coma, It has been a while since I feel so satisfied from food. Keeping my weight in check is not something I want to do, but need to do. 

Whatever it is, this thai dinner didn't bring any regrets.

I don't always share the address, but I highly recommend you whom love THAI to visit this place in Taipan. Sometimes, you do not need to travel far for good food. 

Phad Thai Restaurant(Halal)
21, Jalan USJ 10/1C, 
Taipan USJ,47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Operating hours : Tues-Sun, 10am – 10pm. 
Closed on Mondays.