Saturday, November 1, 2014

I have always been romantic , but never been hopeless.

I have came across a lot of articles with topics regarding ' 10 Qualities of Independent Woman' or something that goes like ' If you have this qualities, you are an independent Woman' . Independent Woman doesn't only mean that she is financially stable , being afford to buy a car and pay her bills or even her family's. It's talking about the attitude of the girl has and having a stronger personality. 

And lol, I meet more than half of the qualities of that. 

I don't deny that I have a stronger personality. And, I am pretty realistic when it comes to making decisions. I also know that this is the reason why people think that I am pretty difficult to deal with. 
Alright, I am difficult to deal with.

I don't think there is anything wrong having my own opinions on how things are done and being able to make decision myself. Since young , I am always given choices and my family will never make the decision for me because they don't want me regretting things that they've chose for me. So, I basically know how things works well for myself. Thus, I am independent and still proud of that. No, I don't mean to choose the shades of lipsticks available on the shelves and which dress I want to pick in Forever 21. What I meant was , things that actually includes more complicated stuff like my future and feelings and all sort kind of stuff that fall under that genre ( I hope you get that).

 I am realistic because I don't grow up in the shield of lies and fairytales. I never believe in unicorns and I never liked watching Barbie. I am not very girly in either way. I don't act stupid on things that I know. I don't go soft with every guy I see. 
I just don't do all these stuff so I eventually get disgusted when other girls do that despite them having a good feedback from the boys which always turned me into a green-eyed monster. 

Being able to do things myself doesn't mean that I don't want people to do things with me. Just like any other humans in the world, I do want a companion even if I basically being able to do it myself. I do long for attention and love - I mean, which girl doesn't. 

Just because I am at the harder side , it doesn't mean I don't need to and I don't want to. I just don't want it from just anyone, I only want from the person whom I think is special and only deserves me for me. I don't understand when people tell me to be softer and should be like 'one of those girls' so that I would have what I crave for. I crave for that feeling, but I don't want to be 'one of those girls'. I want to be exclusive because there is only one me. And, I will treat the others exclusive too.

There are people who set qualities to categorize girls and how girls are supposed to be and act to be like them. And everyone follows it. So actually what is the difference between them if they are all following it each other when they definitely look more beautiful being themselves. Throwing aside of looks though they play a very important fact when it comes to first impression , everyone don't have the same despite if they have an almost alike personality.
 I don't think anyone should alter for anyone just because of their selfish mere opinions and how they want other people to act life.

 I don't mean that it's bad for a better change especially you come into a relationship. But, what is the point of losing yourself when that person actually decided to get into a relationship with you because they fell in love with you before you change. 

 Just because a girl is independent, it doesn't mean that she only put herself into the centre of everything. Just because a girl know what she wants, it doesn't mean your needs and thoughts will be not cared. Just because a girl has a say in things, it doesn't mean that she wouldn't respect you. A girl's personality often change in a relationship because you are now different - you are now sometime whom make this heartless girl having butterflies in her stomach. 

Just because I'm realistic, it doesn't mean that I am not romantic. 

I just like solving complications before into it turn into a huge snowball and hits both of us in the face. I always believe in communications. Just because I want to discuss about it, it doesn't mean I want to win. I just want to know what is on the other party's mind so I speak what I have in mind first. 
Having a stronger personality doesn't mean being unreasonable. 

I may not be able to sugar coat my words, however it doesn't lessen my feelings towards people. I don't know how to do things like what girls does in romantic movies, but I will never leave when things gets hard. I may forget to leave little notes or don't occasionally bake cakes, but I will sure contribute because everything is supposed to be mutual. It's unfair if only one person does everything. I don't know how to make you feel better in words, but when you are tired - I will give you a massage on the shoulder. 

Everyone's idea of romantic is different. 

I just belong to the other genre.

I have always been romantic , but never been hopeless.