Monday, November 10, 2014

Victoria #6 - Philip Island.


What do you think about my full black ootd?

As the days goes by, I get lazier to dress up. The weather in Melbourne was crazy. It was raining the whole day, thus it's ridiculously cold. What worse is, I am actually going on a day trip which I was reluctant to. I don't want to come home and regret for not going on a day trip so I chose Philip Island instead of The Great Ocean Road because the road journey was much shorter. 


Loving the b/w outfit tho. 


How do you love the butterfly wallpaper!

We have brunch at The Hardware Societe which is kind of a tourist spot for brunch. We waited for almost twenty minutes or more for our seat. 

So I guess today is a all tourist spot visiting day . 


The Kick Ass Hot Chocolate!


The food was just fine compared to the others I've visited. I couldn't blindly give it a 10/10 like it was reviewed on urbanspoon but the portion was satisfying. Will introduce the food a bit more in another post. 


Got my caffiene fix at Brothers Baba Budan , which was just a street down. 


Loving how the have the chairs hanging on the ceiling as their trademark.  I look up every 5 seconds , having the fear that it might fall on me lol. 

Our journey starts at 12pm , and it was still raining. There is nothing to see besides the water splashing on the bus window. I thought that I could actually enjoy the view of the nature but the rain ruined everything T______________T

So I just sleep the whole way through.



Our first stop is Maru Koala and Animal Park , which is on the way to Philip Island. 

It's a MINI zoo,

I put the word ' mini' in caps because it's really small. I think they only have maximum of two animals each , so that it doesn't look that pathetic but it's pathetic wtf. 

And please use your imagination how I walk through the zoo under the rain -.-


Poor Donkey.


Why does the donkey look extra sad?

I really don't know how the animals bear with this. It's raining and when the wind blows, it's really cold. I don't get why they didn't build a shade for the animals -.- 


The fault in our kangaroos lololololol.


Me trying to feed them but they ignore me :(


After a few times of pushing the tupperware to their mouth, they finally saw mine.

So it means ;


A must have tourist picture!

My hair is really messy and I didn't have a comb with me so fml. 

Oh well, 
you guys must be think why isn't there any koala photos when it's a Koala Park.




Incase you cannot see, it's on the tree. 

I am not going to pay 20aud to hug the koala to take a picture. Besides that, he is all wet and I think he probably taking a nap. 


I couldn't stand to stay outside any longer because it was really cold, and the umbrella is still not helping. I have no idea why my hair is still wet when there's an umbrella over my head. So I went back in and head to the cafe to get a cup of hot drink.


Ordered a cup of green tea to warm my body up. 

My hair -.-


We are finally at Philip Island after 45 minutes drive from the zoo! 

The view is breathtaking and if we are not rushing for the Penguin Parade, I would like to watch sunset over here. Wait, I think I need to think twice - because the wind was really strong. It was so cold that my face muscle cramp , no joke. 




Messy hair, don't care. 


I like this picture alot. 

We rushed to the venue for Penguin Parade not long after because they are coming home when the sun sets. It was pretty sad that I couldn't capture any picture because the rule strictly say that, there are no photography allow. 

Australians take their rules very seriously. 

To make up to that, I took some pictures of the area where they give introduction about penguins and their habitat. ( which I feel that you guys won't appreciate but it's ok TT)




I don't mean to reveal my bimboness here. 

But I never knew there are so many kinds of penguins until the day I visited the place lol.


Appreciating the hard work they put on to explain to us. Believe me that I actually read everything. 


Had Vietnamese for dinner. 

To me, Pho actually tasted like Kuey Teow and I don't fancy Kuey Teows. However, the soup was really good. Not to mention that the beef was really tender! 


And Greek food at Stalactities for supper which was just two hours away.

Look at the plate of meat!

It was so good!


Please order this meat platter when you happen to visit Stalactites! I think this place is great because it serves hearty portion of food, and has nice interior. It opens for 24 hours ; and the other shop closes at 7pm wtf.

Oh well, 
I hope my day trip to Philip Island actually make me pass as a tourist to Melbourne. I really don't want to go to The Great Ocean road because I don't want to spend 5 hours in the bus! 

till then.