Thursday, November 27, 2014

Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly.

This is a definite share those who is staying in the section 14 , PJ . In the old Millennium Square mall which practically look dead and haunted because there are not many shops. However, there is a hidden gem inside the mall. It took me a while to find out where this coffee shop is until the day when I head for Picadilly for lunch with my friends. 

Before going into the main point, I'd like to mention about Picadilly which serves a whole lot varieties of food with the lowest price ever! You can find a plate of good pineapple rice with two pieces of fried chicken at RM 6.90 ! 

The hidden gem I mentioned about is, 
Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly .

To be honest, the first thing that hook me up is the name of the cafe. It's really difficult to remember and it really took me awhile to remember whenever I mention it to my friends. 

If you want to make me happy, 
please buy me coffee.


be coffee. 

This reminds me of cafes in Aussie. I like how the environment is dim. Besides that, they play good music all day long. It's a list of my favorite song. From Sam Smith to Lana Del Rey to Bruno Mars , and all the songs that belong to this genre. These songs matches with a good cup of coffee in a chilly afternoon over good conversations. 

There is no brunch available here , only coffee , cakes and pastries. Therefore, I could give credit to their coffee. I like how some cafe handle themselves in a minimalistic way and enhance their major. It's sad to see some cafes drop their standards in their coffee after they start to offer brunch to the crowd - this also loses their quiet environment. 

Basic Pastries they offer.

Loving this cozy corner of the cafe . 

two is better than one.

Cappucino for two.

The difference between their coffee and the ones we could find outside is, they steam their milk extra hotter and longer . This is very thoughtful of them because they know that people would actually take a quite sometime in their cafe. By steaming the milk extra longer, the coffee's temperature will last a little longer than usual. 

The best selling raspberry cheesecake!

Now, I understand why they are sold out so quick! By the time when we order, this is the second last piece on the tray! The cheese blends well with the raspberry jam on top. The crust at the bottom was savoury. The combination hit the right point!

It was so good that I paid this cafe a second visit after class. This time, they decorated it with a halloween theme! It's so pretty!

Two Cappucinos and now, Red latte!

Red Latte , which was really good.

Not all cafes serves red latte. So far, I only know that Artisan in Bangsar , Brewman and GGMM serves red latte. I think it's worth a try. Besides that, GGMM's red latte is bigger in portion!

and me , lol.

Can I just do this everyday? :(