Friday, November 7, 2014


There is so many good cafes in ttdi with good reviews that I want to visit. This time, I chose Thursdvys since I didn't have the luck whenever I visit this place. I came to this place twice in the evening or the other time was at night. Their kitchen was close and there aren't any cakes available that I have to leave. 

This time I suggested to head here for brunch instead ; and I finally got a hold of this place.

I don't appreciate when a place has a very complicated interior. Especially in cafes, I'd prefer the cafe to use a dark shade and have their interior simple. Thrusdvys has achieved this. I feel very comfortable with the dim light and the natural sunlight shining through the huge glass. Not to mention that, the aircond was blasting. When it goes all together with coffee and good music, my afternoon was perfect. 

We actually had waffles before we visit Thrvsday at Frisky Goat, thus this is our second branch. 

#dinosaurstomach .

Strawberry Cheesecake at RM11

This piece of cheesecake disappoints me. The cheese wasn't blend in properly and I could actually taste butter more than cheese. The crust were too soft that it couldn't hold the cake. The thin slices of strawberry made this cake look a little pathetic. 

I should have let them choose the other flavour. I was feeling real bad that they have to accommodate since I don't like chocolate.  

Cappucino .

You can choose the size of your drink at 3oz , 6oz and 9oz. I think being able to choose the size of your drink is great. This choice is not always available in cafes. I have my cup of cappucino ar 6oz at RM10. The coffee is thick since they put two generous shot. If you want it to be a little mild, kindly remind the barista to just give you a shot. 

I like my coffee stronger. 

Hot Chocolate at RM 11 

Chicken Breast Egg Apple Crumbs Sandwich with Potato Chips at RM 18 

I swear that the chips were god like. It's definitely not oily , and every slice is thin enough thus, the crispiness hits the point. It's almost similar like eating chips , of course this is healthier - in my personal opinion, definitely more yummy. 

I like the idea of having Chicken Breast, Egg and Apple in my sandwich. Not to mention that it is healthier , and also sweet. With apple, there is no need of too much mayo or any dressing. I think this set of sandwich is just good. I like it alot.

And Zhiwei's black coffee which I forget to take picture of. 

She prefers her coffee basic. And, it's a good habit because black coffee helps to burn fat.


It's nice to have someone who take candid pictures for you , lol.

And our groupfie ,

Justina tag along this time.

Loving the pictures from that day .

And of course, 
more of my casual ootd !

I've found my perfect long sleeve polka dot shirt , and was very happy to put it on that day!

So more ootd!

I love how this hallway gives out a artistic and classy vibe. I didn't even feel bad for blocking the entrance. People had to wait for me to snap a picture before they go in. Best friend has to apologize for me. And then, our position change awhile after. 

Thursdvys is great for a chill day out with your friends. It's really comfortable and I believe that you will be very dreadful to leave once you've settle down inside.

have a nice day, everyone. :)