Sunday, April 6, 2014

Le Bread Days.

It is definitely rare that Malaysia has a sweater weather. But that day, the sky was gloomy and it has been raining the whole day. It gave me a chance to put on my boylondon sweater. If I were to wear it on normal days, I'll get a heat stroke - no joke. 
My friends and I decided to head to a cafe for a session after our classes before we get engage to the traffic. Besides that, it's nice to have a cup of coffee on a rainy day. 
Ryan introduced us to the bakery he always visit since he likes their pastry. It's located in SS2, which is pretty near from our uni.

The interior of a place is very important , because it shapes up ones feeling . I was astonished with the simple interior tho. Of course, it's not as good as those high end cafes but good enough to make you feel cozy. 

Here's the on-wall menu , which is no surprise.

The varieties of pastry they have is crazy, and I really want to try all of them. That will be the reason I return to this place.

They also put a few famous breads in plastic bags so it's easier for the customer to hold it, and get to pay straight at the counter. This is definitely good for a person whom is late like me, and will have to rush all the way through to something. This might save a little time, but it definitely matters. 


my simple orders -

The walnut croissant was really good! I was asked to try this, and thank god I listened. I am pretty indecisive anyways. I wanted everything. 

Yes, I'm a greedy person TT

Yes, that's me without make up - at all.

I think this bakery deserves more attention. I really think more food bloggers should check this place out. The environment is good. The coffee is good. The varieties of food - from pastries to salads and more food available. The price is pretty reasonable too. 

What was I staring at?

But that don't matter , because I like that background so much.