Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Butter + Beans , OUG.

Hey, meet my date - Bupert . 

I was surprised when I find out that they name this bear , Bupert. And, it's really sweet of them to have this bear place beside or at the opposite side of you to make you feel not alone - and, not awkward. However, I think it would be a lil weird to have it sitting right infront of me. Despite so, it's very sweet of the staff to have this concept to ensure the customers to feel the warmth. 

You can find Bupert in Butter + Beans in the OUG Branch.

XiuMing brought me along to Butter + Beans ; she was invited to try out their speciality pastries and coffee . It's really lucky of me that I got to have a taste of Butter + Beans.  

This will definitely be a favorite spot for artistic pictures. 

Butter + Beans mainly serves pastries and their speciality in coffee. Perfect for a catch up with your mates and afternoon break after a hectic day. 

Both of us will definitely choose milk-based coffee. 

Flat White and Cappucino each at RM10 .

I personally think the Flat White is better than the Cappucino. They hit the bitterness and amount of steam milk at the right point. Nothing beats a good cup of coffee for the day. 

A defined and basic coffee art. 

Perhaps you think that it's the same like the other cup, but the flat white is highly recommended by me.

It would be too lonely with just drinks so they offer use basic pastries. Not going to have too much since we don't want to fill our stomach. Because, we are planning to head to another place for more food. 

Almond Salted Caramel Mille Crepe at RM13 .

This is the best seller than I could actually say that this is better than the famous Nadeje Crepe Cake. I could have two slices of this all by myself. As you can see that, each layer is very fine and also coated with caramel flavoured soft cream. The salted almond was topped with caramel too. 

Salted Caramel, is always right.

But, I never thought that it will be so right like this. 

Peach Danish at RM6

They have different kind of danish but they serve us this , saying that this will be more of a choice compared to the others. I like how cold the peach is , and how fluffy the danish is. They made the danish at the right texture. The cream isn't too sweet, enable to balance up the sweetness from the fruit. 

Tell me about serving danish so perfectly.... HOW DO THEY EVEN DO THAT, OH GOD!

This is really light and satisfying. 

Quality over quantity. Not to mention that it's pretty affordable too. If you don't feel like having their signature, always choose their danish. 

They offer a few kinds of pastries and different cakes. However, they sell pretty quick so you may be disappointed. Just hope that you wouldn't miss out on their Almond Salted Caramel Mille Crepe during your visit. If not, it would be a waste. 

I don't normally do this, but I was really happy what was presented in front of me. 

And also,

This is my first date with Bupert. 

I'll be back soon, Bupert.