Tuesday, November 18, 2014

AMPM cafe .

I have visited AMPM cafe one or two weeks after it's soft opening. This cafe is located in the area beside the Main Place, near Oh Scooter Cafe. Besides being new, I heard that they have beautiful interior just right for pictures, lol. 

The counter is really simple. 

They have two floors and I'd suggest you guys to head for the second floor. We were downstairs and it was terribly hot with the sun shining through despite we are already sitting inside. I can't stand heat. My back was facing towards the door and I could feel it burning. No, not exaggerating. 

They only have limited choices of food tho;

Turkey Ham Egg Benedict ; 
with harsh brown as the based. 

I was disappointed by this. I should have chose salmon instead of turkey ham. It wasn't fresh at all. Not to say that the portion was really small. 

Salmon Egg Benedict ;
with normal toast bread as base.

Oh, this is so much better than the turkey ham one. Perhaps the harsh brown will be a better base. No, you don't count calories on Mondays lol. 

Big Breakfast ;
which is really huge and tummy filling.

I hope that this could be improvise because it looks really weird without greens. Their big breakfast are slightly different from the ones you could find outside, is they have sambal beans by the side. This plate merge with our Malaysian cuisine, which was good! 

Yay, Malaysia!

Baked Eggs.

I am not sure if this could be better than the one in Red Bean Bag. I think it's equally good. The cheese was massive. I recommend this!

After brunch, we have a good talk -catching up with lives. I am blessed that I have seniors that give me advises and tips about how to cope with my current studies. It's really nice being the youngest.

Passed time with Monopoly.

And, I hated this game since young.

And, I need to satisfy my cravings for my sweet tooth so here it is -

Green Tea Red Bean Moist Cake ;
which was not my liking.

It was too sweet -.- 

ugh so much for sweet tooth cravings .

Hot Chocolate ;
which is supposed to be their speciality,

However, the milk wasn't hot enough to melt the chocolate. Please remind the person to heat it up longer. If not, it'll really look awkward.

We were invited by the owner to head to the second floor to take pictures. We didn't know about this at first. It looks better upstairs. And also, it's colder. 

Didn't want to miss out any photoshooting moments , lol.

This is the ever first time I wore lavender purple . What do you think about my pastel outfit?


Loving bricks.

Don't tell me that you guys don't do the same alright.

Just girls being girls. 

This is actually a meet up before everyone fly back to UK. Hating the end of August because everyone is going back to study. 

Summertime sadness.

Sorry for the spam.


One more ok!