Friday, January 25, 2013

Ridz Okumura

Finally after weeks and weeks of procrastination , I've finally gone to do my hair which had already look like wilted leaves.

I actually wanted to do it before college starts but too many things are coming in between plus the long timing I have to sit at the saloon, literally makes me feel so demotivated. Imagine 3 hours on the chair, doing nothing . It sucks, you know.

Jacinth , Mingli & I finally wanted to do our hair all together . 

I got the brochure infront of my college, saying that only 65 bucks for all hair dye. My eyes literally lit up when I see that. Jacinth's hair is much longer so I was so kiamsiap for her that I so thick-face that I called the saloon and ask whether it's the same price. Because I used to get con by one saloon, and until now I KENOT forget them - gr!

And they say, as long as it's above the waistline - it's freaaaaking 65 bucks.


And we excitedly book an appointment - dragging Mingli along lol.

This is me , with my unwash hair - pajamas to college because zero fuck was given about how I look. 

Both of us finally head to the saloon around 6pm or later after our yummy chilli pan mee dinner . We actually got freaked out when the place was so ulu but okay lah, there's actually people.

The interior design of the saloon is so freaking beautiful!

The saloon's name is


It's in caps showing my love to them and gosh, the people are so nice and friendly. The three of us were so jakun that we keep on talking, shouting across the saloon because we were so fair apart. You have no idea how noisy we are!

after a while of suggestion from the hair stylist and talking about hair colours and stuff. 

All I heard was - your hair is really dying.

Obviously, I colour my hair 7 times last year omfg. 

And I told them, 
I want a not too swag ombre red/purple based hair.

So they bleached the tip of my hair first... and honestly, this is the ever first time I bleach my hair so whaddap. HAHAHAH.

It took me 45minutes to get the colours off because the hair colour is so stubborn. Jacinth and Mingli was saying that I have 7 layers of colour to get rid of -.-

Oh hi there, without make up :D

And this is my bleached hair....

The hair stylist actually ask me to camwhore cos he say I very cute ^^ 


And after 4 hours ... 

of making noise, complaining about how slow it was in the saloon with a side of annoying my two girls which never have a peaceful life since they're just right beside me, after watching beyonce's concert , after the stylist complained that I talk to much....

and finally........................................................


Jeng Jeng

My Ombre red hair which I have always dream of since forever!

I hate dip dyes , really.

I think it's way too much if the hair colour contrast with each other so I chose ombre.



They even help me tie a bun without any hair ties and stuff. it's so pretty that i can't even * wipe tears off dramatically"

That's my hair after them doing something to it. Trust me that my hair is not that smooth zz.

I know that it's not obvious but it's just how I like it . I think it's brighter if you see me in real. Pictures always 
cheat one!

Pictures credits to Mingli taken in indoors!


I meant just the ombre hair okay! My SS level can control one.

Now, I wish my hair is longer. 

Then can ombre until my waist there, trololol

Ah, SS :D

So now, for your concern - I'm nice enough to tell you the details. I actually wanna stingy, don't wanna share the good saloon with you so my hair can only be pretty and yours not pretty enough like mine :p

I did Ombre hair for only RM115  * screams*

It's so affordable riggghhht , omg.

And if you only want one colour on your hair - it's only RM 65 !

Hair treatment for only RM 39 * punch chest for the cheapness*


Keratin hair treatment for ONLY RM 170 - above bra line and extra additonal charges if below bra line , which is actually worth RM850 * WTF*

Sorry to burst your happiness overload bubble,

But there's one condition........


to show them that you are a student of course.

And to all the people who is not studying and already start to work , please don't so kiam go ask for student price please! You must pity us who have limited cash flow for our daily life because we need to do shopping, yumcha, eat lunch and pay parking lol. 

So you have gone lucky that I have found such amazing place in subang!

RIDZ OKUMURA Saloon & Boutique

Impian Meridian  s01-13, 
Jalan Subang 1, USJ 1,
47000, Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Just right behind Summit.

Call them up at 03-58911402 for appointment.  You must make appointment and not walk in, if not there will not be slots for you.

If you want ombre hair like me, I suggest you a hair stylist . 


And then tell him that you want ombre hair - he will then discuss with you OR you can save my disgusting picture in your phone and show him. Just show him my face and he would definitely recognize me because I was the noisiest around.

Aiyo, why my hair so pretty one ah?

I will definitely return to Ridz Okumura ! and annoy the people there, muahahahha.