Friday, November 14, 2014

MODS Cafe, Melaka.

I was trying to flip my hair fabulously and it's very obvious that I am failing it. 

Have I mentioned that I don't appreciate old cities with historical stories. I like modern cities and everything that is very futuristic. I don't exactly dislike them but I do not appreciate them as much as things that is happening right now than the past. The past is a beauty , but what matters to me is right now and the future. 

I am not sure if it links correctly, but that's how I feel.

Melaka would be one of the most historical city in Malaysia, since forever. We read it from history all the time, and I feel so bad for not appreciating this city as much as my other friends when I visit Melaka. All I am looking towards is for Nyonya food. 

It pleased me so much that they actually take a big step forward having new kinds of cafe around the town. I was already stuffed by chicken rice balls, cendols and their super good nyonya laksa ( which we could hardly find yummy ones in KL), but I insisted to have coffee in MOD !

And the whole bunch of people agreed. #blessed. 

This cafe's speciality features the caravan in the shop itself. The baristas make coffee in the caravan, and it's really cute that they have to bend their heads to do so. 

It's always a dream for me to have a caravan to go on road trips. 

no joke. 

it's a real car plate, lol. 

Besides that, the decoration inside in the cafe goes alot with vintage themed. I don't mean by British or European interior like how normally cafes are. They brings us back to the days where all the glory in Malaysia started. Lol, when Selat Melaka was the biggest 'pelabuhan' in Asia. 

Another mark added for Malaysian spirit!

This is the alley on the way to the toilet! 

I can see that the owner put alot of effort in this. 

Since we are still stuffed, we only have coffee to ease our tummy. And take note that, it's a complimentary that each of us have to order a cup of drink in the cafe. They only have limited tables , and thus, they don't wish people just come in for pictures ( points at myself). But hey, I order coffee and I appreciate them!

Along side with that, I wish the workers are more attentive. 

Cappucino at RM 9 , Latte at RM 10

My mates tell me that their hot chocolate is pretty kick-ass too! Get it at RM10 in Mods!

And more complimentary pictures of me and my stuffed face. I swear that this whole trip is just all about food. ps, bring me back to melaka!

And ending up a picture of me and the caravan!

almost bareface ; just with sunscreen lol.