Saturday, May 24, 2014

Serai at Jaya Shopping Mall.

There's a new mall near my uni which is just 5 minutes walk away. This new place gives us so much hope because there's finally a new hang out place other than ss2. Jaya Shopping Mall is located right beside Digital Mall. 

I've heard that Serai serves very fine Malaysian cuisine , but I never get to try this restaurant despite there's a branch in Empire. It's always filled with people or the queue will be ridiculously long that I have to choose another place. 

So, I went Serai for lunch because I really want to know how good the food are.

it's pretty busy during lunch time tho.

Spending my time entertaining myself by staring at the cakes ;

All of them look so good, don't you think so?

Nasi Kerabu which is highly recommended by people . It's really not disappointing even if the price is a little higher. It's really good

This is Serai Platter which consists of alot of meat. This is totally a guy dish because it's too meaty for me. I think Nasi Kerabu is better. 

I didn't have any room left for dessert which was a waste. I'll definitely return for their tea time as I heard of good reviews. I never thought that there would be such fine Malay cuisine. It wasn't a let down at all. However, I couldn't do this too often even if it's good because of the calories intake I need to watch out for. 

damn, it was a fine lunch.