Sunday, May 24, 2015

Alchemist Dessert Cafe.

It's no doubt that there are more places for us to hang out in ss15 besides mamak. I can't believe that now we have so many choices to hang out at night. There are normal restaurants , drinking places, cafes and not forgetting, more dessert shops. 

There is this new dessert place which serves good waffles and toast. Of course, they have food and sorts but their speciality was on their Belgium waffles. It was a random night where we stumble across this place. 

Alchemist Dessert Cafe which is located inbetween the streets of SS15. It is right opposite tryst. Also this place offers outdoor shisha. 

RM 3 for their huge cup of iced lemon tea which is served like this. I find this unique compared to the normal clear glasses we get outside.

I guess this place goes to a more hipster style. 

Look at those dessert, yum.

And that is a cup of hot chocolate which was very sweet. 

Honey Ice Cream Shibuya Toast at RM 13.90 

The toast was good but they are not cut in square pieces instead. This is definitely a sharing portion. It's really impossible for one to finish it. There are more choices available besides Honey. I heard that their Nutella Ferrero Toast was the best. 

Chocolate Strawberry Icecream Belgium Waffle at RM 7,90

This is the cheapest Belgium Waffle I've encounter. Their strawberries are very fresh , however the waffle was lack of crisp. I'd prefer my waffle to be crispier. With the price, I think it's worth a try. 

Oh, that was the whipped cream on top. It melted due to the heat of the waffle lol.

And lastly,

an insta-worthy picture.

This place opens till 2am late night and offer other food, like pasta. They also offer brunches in the noon. 

Well, I think it's a great place for friends to hang out at night. Also, you can fix your sweet tooth. If you don't feel like clubbing on a friday night, this place will be good for you to catch up.