Monday, April 11, 2011

When comes to loving you ,


Omg chillaaa!

I haven't edit and resize my pictures yet so I don't think I will be updating soon but I'm so eager to share with you guys what actually happened to whole day. Perhaps you could read xiuming's blog first.I think she will update it fast. Oh well, different people different thoughts.
Like wtf,
just thinking about how to update already make me excited ngeheheh :D

Finally got the pictures from idkwhowtfbbq from fb.

Class photos!


And last tuesday , 5delta & 5gamma actually visited planetarium and dinosaur exibition.

Oh pls , I really don't wanna type out whatever we have done. We have wrote about in Bm and english esaay and I'm getting sick of it already plus I have a piles of add maths to do. I didn't jot down anything during add maths class. I was too busy thinking and day dreaming bout Rain the whole week , lol .

Pictures took the talking.

I'm not sure whether it's in order tho .




camwhore #1

camwhore #2


like like like !


And that's all.

You know what ,
my comp died half way so I'm using my sister's comp nao.

I feel like crying nao. All my pictures , my songs and.. my itunes omg, I wanna dai ! D:

I should just get over it nao!


Ah ,
I have so many things to update and yet so little time. I got so much homework and I'm not doing it at all, I just want to go to sleep nao.

); COMP DIED! );););


peace out!



JiHun Oppa,Na niga chupta!