Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Good Batch.

I heard of The Good Batch in Damansara Uptown is good for their brunch for a quite sometime. It's also regarded as one of the most 'must try' place for a good brunch. So there's one day where we have public hols , we decided to give them a try. Damansara Uptown is where the famous Village Park Nasi Lemak at. 

We park pretty far from the place because there's no parking around since there are a few restaurants on the same row. My mood straight went down to zero when I see the queue outside the place - in a good way, this place is THAT good. I also realize that it opens till 1am , and I really hope that they extend their business hour until late night. 

So we waited outside with sun shining right on our face ):

I like this picture alot ; so artistic - don't you think so?

I'm glad that there's only four of us so there's no need to wait for a big table or so. I guess it was only 10 minutes or maybe lesser. The crowd is crazy inside. 

This will be on tumblr!

And as usual , I'll get a cup of cappucino. The coffee art is pretty and also, it taste fine. You can't compare this to Artisan ( which is number one on my list) but it's better than Coffee Stain. I guess it's too mild for me , and I should have add another shot .

This is so artistic. 

And here comes the food pictures!

I had this dish which is called, Hangover Mess which around RM20 . It taste really good. below the two sunny side ups , there's my favorite capsicums and beefs in cubes together with ptato. I don't know what is the green sauce , but matching it with the mayonnaise - it taste sooooo good! 

The other two boys had the same dish since it's highly recommend by JS whom already tried it before. Aside of that , it's one of the most famous dish there. It's called the Portobello Road since the fried feeling inbetween the sliced tomato and eggs , are portobello mushroom. This is RM19.90 and I guess this portion is too small for guys. It's not exactly very little but a big eater would complain that it's not enough.

I love the ambiance in The Good Batch. They did a good job with their interior and five stars for their service. I don't know how could the waiter/waitress have such huge smile on everytime they attend us, and they attend us very quickly despite there's a huge crowd. Sadly, this place is too noisy. I don't if it's because that it's public holiday but I couldn't stand the noise. 

Nothing will be completed without Red Velvet cake ;

We had this in the Fat Spoon on the same row and gosh, it's so good because they warm it up before serving. Of course it's nothing compare to the one from Upstairs Cafe . I love Jacinth because she take nice pictures of me , and eat red velvet cake with me - thumbs up for saying no to chocolate too!

So, how did you spend your public holidays which falls on a weekday?