Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dip n Dip.

I guess most of you could guess where is my selca taken at, from the background. One thing bad about too much of yellow lights - they make selfie look very orange in shade. 

I never like chocolates - ever since young. Of course, I don't just say no to all sorts of chocolates. I wouldn't want to be missing out on Milo or Oreo - and , KINDER BUENO. I just don't like it in the paste form , and honestly I think it's disgusting when I see chocolate fondue. So, I never understand how other people thinks that chocolate is heaven. I can eat chocolates, but I just prefer not to. One of the reason is, I don't like how the taste stay in my mouth for too long and how it sticks to my teeth . When the excess is inbetween my teeth , I get so annoyed that I will go and rinse my mouth. But, if it's durian - it's a different saying because I loveeeee durian so much. 

This seems irony, but I paid Dip n Dip a visit because my whole bunch of friends want to visit there for a long time. 

So much loveeeee :)

I look through the menu and try to find something not particularly related to chocolate and then realized that this is such a stupid move because I am in a shop which famous with it. So, I didn't order anything and the rest just went hyped up with all kinds of things they can do with chocolate. No joke, I just sit there and see them eat. 

Here there are for you chocolate lovers ;

This crepe is one of the best seller in Dip n Dip . I don't remember the name though, but paying RM28 for this is still pricey for me. 

This look like the coffee art on Mocha, in Lewisgene.

I asked if it's roti canai , lol. So I took a strip and taste it. It's like pancake , but in thinner version.

And, obviously you don't just eat like that!

All of us literally look at the dude pouring the chocolate on the plate holding the cup high , thinking how could he do such artistic pouring. They enjoy it so much that I think it's a sin for not liking chocolate.
I guess it's a good thing for me, because it make it easier for me to lose weight. I see girls complaining about how they would like to have a bar of chocolates but couldn't because they are on diet. While me being me, I would like to have bak kut teh, char koay teow or any form of fattening chinese dish you could think of - Maggi goreng or Cheese naan will be fine too. 

It've been so long since we take group pictures in outing. I know that this is pretty old school or maybe, a highschool thing but I think it's nice when someone want to capture this moment. I mean like, it's true that picture last forever and memories remain despite people change. I am starting to wonder how would things going to be since we are already in our 20s. 

The crepe reminds me of Mocha from Lewisgene, so we head over to Mont Kiara for Lewisgene . Some of them haven't try it before though. It's really comfy there. I am starting to miss the place because it've been so long since. If I don't have coffee , I will give you a dark expression the whole day because I feel so moodless. 

Cappucino glow in the dark? 

Loving this coffee art.

I requested for thinner chocolate for my mocha - as I mentioned about my dislike towards chocolate. 

More camwhore session with Jacinth because we are always not shy with camwhoring despite there's so many pairs of eyes looking at us. 


Loving the two pictures above because there's so much love and happiness, and cute coffee art .

And of course,
my ootd !