Sunday, January 26, 2014

Meteora Cafe.

Xiuming texted about the new cafe or brunch-like restaurant which is much to our liking in town , at Taipan which is consider near to the both of us compare to Mont Kiara & Publika. We were pretty glad that the cafe trend is mushrooming around Subang right now. Either way, I still haven't find a place where I would visit often as they will be very noisy. I still think that it's pointless if you have the best coffee in town and if it's noisy - the marks will drop down to zero. 

I like peace , with my coffee. 

So, we head to Meteora Cafe which is located right infront of Murni in Taipan, USJ for breakfast. 
I don't usually do breakfast because I can't wake up early. If I do, I only do it for XiuMing and she is always sleeping when I reach her place. So this time, she came and pick me up instead which is super inconvenient. 

The place is cozy . It's pretty comfortable. The service is really good because it made my day by wishing me a good morning with a huge smile. I really appreciate these little things . It makes me have a good day.

And this is our brunch , as overall .

I think their coffee was just nice, not too strong or too mild. It's probably RM10 a cup, and worth paying. I guess, they should work on the coffee art more. But overall, there's no criticism in taste.

The big breakfast , with a complimentary with yummy bread for RM25.

I honestly think that it's a little pricey , and I do not like how they dipped the can mushrooms in the whole bowl of olive oil. But the others was good especially the tomato. I'm still impressed about how good it taste. Not to mention of the bread which you could eat without the butter. When the people asked for comments , I suggested them to give choices of jam incase of people not liking the butter. It would be great if I had Heinz strawberry jam with the bread.

My portion of breakfast , which I could finish. It has been so long since I finish my food and now, I'm starting to feel guilty. 

Ming ordered Pancakes with Churros. They have two large pancakes and three sticks of churros , which will be a good choice since it's not too heavy. I would want that set, but I wanted to try something different. I think this should be a sharing portion because it's too feeling but couldn't satisfy your tastebuds.

I can't believe we catch up for almost 4 hours , and god why are we missing on so much on each other's lives. I'm glad that my friends bothers to keep in touch despite having busy schedules everyday. It's true that highschool friends are the ones who stays the longest. You should contact yours asap - never leave new friends for the old ones.

And the lastly, a picture of me winking and the nice lights they hang at the ceiling. Overall, I think this place is great !