Thursday, January 2, 2014

In HKD #4

I see that my hong kong posts gets more view than the others. So, I've spent more time editing the pictures. I love to blog about travelling though. It gives me so much to remember . I am already thinking where to go for vacation , the next time. 

Day three was all about Ocean Park, which is one of the main reason I want to visit hongkong. Of course everyone want to head to disneyland , but I heard that it's not as good as Ocean Park. We didn't plan to visit two theme parks because they need more time to shop. I can say that, because I didn't buy anything much. 

Had breakfast with SH and Bernice only because some of them are not awake yet. I always want to try typical HK breakfast, and I still don't understand how they eat so much and so fast. 

One set of breakfast includes of toast ,eggs , macaroni soup and tea which is 38HKD . It's really cheap for the food there. Their food is really pricey. Thank goodness that me and Bernice share a set because the portion is too much. We eat ridiculously slow compare to the locals over there. I also tried their steamed egg with milk, which is so yummy!

Tell me if you know where to get it in Malaysia.

We packed breakfast and head back to our apartment ( yes, we rent an apartment to ourselves ) ; and get changed. I wore my sleep wear to eat breakfast -.- 

Loving this picture with KW and CK. 

We are in one of my favorite street brand, BOY LONDON! :)

 Note my red socks and CK's blue socks. 

So muc love here ; and yes I just put BB cream and draw my brows. 

And I swear that my friends and I could take picture for HYPEBEAST, wtf. We have street style on that day, except for Ming. And I love how "black" we are . 

Ming really look out of the picture ; but this is still my favorite . :)

We bought tickets which include bus ride to the destination. One ticket is 180HKD. 

I look out and realized that HK is really a busy place. Aside of that , the buildings are tremendously high compare to the one we have in Malaysia. I guess this is why everything is expensive here . They are lack of land so the price of their one apartment could buy us a good two story house here. With all the branded goods you can find almost everywhere is a good evidence that their lifestyle is really high. 


Of course, we head for rides. At one point, I threw up because I had heavy breakfast. Never eat too much before you head to the theme park. I'm not those kind that are afraid of rides or so , so I think it's a waste that I don't feel well. 

The spinning spinning ride , lol.

And dolphin show! 

The sky was so pretty when the sun start to set. I literally sit there and stare at the sky, having my music video moments until the dolphin show starts. Not to mention that we have good seats. Now, it relates to the dolphin killing culture in Japan - why would they want to kill such adorable thing ):

Loving this pic alot. 

This shows almost half of the Ocean Park. Look at how beautiful the ferris wheel is , and so as the other rides - lol.

girls -.-

Boy London. 

I swear that we can be featured on their instagram because these came out really artistic. I shouldn't have look in the camera. Uh, this perfect for a throwback post.

My ootd , which sums up of everything in street. 

Boy London x Air Jordan. 


Do you know what is the best to have in the cold weather?

Steamboat for dinner .