Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza

I'm here for a quick update before I head out since my family members are still getting ready. It's surprising that I'm the first one done out of all of them - well, I'm always the last because I am always in dilemma by choosing my outfits. Who knows that maybe I want to #ootd for instagram today?

Do you know that I always think that it's a blessing that I still keep in touch with my friends from high school, despite we are having different things going on in life and such? Well, it's a reality hit when you realized that you couldn't see the people you used to see for 5 days a week on daily basis anymore. 

So the other day, I've met up with one of my highschool babe which is one of my loveeeee ones. Oh god, she is so adorable that you just have to squeeze her. But before revealing who she is, I am going to dedicate food pictures for you guys.

To think back, our meet up was pretty long ago. 

We decided to dine in Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza for brunch , with the set meal of RM49.90++ which consist of starter with the choice of salad or soup ,a choice of pasta ,a choice of  pizza and selected dessert. I think it's really cheap for so many things . This is a Christmas promotion , and they are doing it right. 

The salad portion is bigger than I expected , and  I love how they did the eggs. I love this combination of salad. 

Settled down with pepperoni , and it was good!

Avocado based Pasta ( I forget the super long name). I don't really like avocado but the way they cook it make it acceptable , since it's soft. The pasta was in the correct texture much to my liking - I don't like it when it's too soft, or particularly hard like it's not cook. The sauce was simple one - probably tomato based. 


Strawberry milk pudding.

What I can say is, this dessert taste strangely delicious. The taste is something I can't comprehend and I don't like the strawberry sauce because it's too sweet. The pudding tasted real good alone. 

Now, I can reveal her -

Donniena - and , only me and zhiwei call her that. I hope that everytime she see the name, she could remember our highschool times together . Oh my god, it feels so long ago when it's just two years away!

and lastly,

Me pretending to be guilty for the lunch. 

The portion is for three instead of two , because we couldn't finish it. It's something that I would love to share to you guys just incase if you're craving for both at the same time. This would be a decent combi. 

gotta run.