Thursday, January 16, 2014

Black and Floral.

I've been craving for Red Bean Bag since I'm in HK , and finally after a few weeks - my friends and I decided to head to Publika. This is the last meal we are having with Kevan because he's going back to UK , at night ):

And , my favorite Skyscraper!

And then, the butter slide down to the other side of the plate 

So it looks like this!

I'm sad that I forget to inform them not to put chocolate syrup over it. I don't think this is a one person's portion despite it's a light meal. I couldn't finish it though and not alot of people fancy pancakes on the table so it's left there , until the waiter bring the plates off the table. The boys had their dream wedding ceremony discussed which required minimal of money , making us girls -.-  

My friends are weird, I swear.

Kevan! :)

And more group photos as if, this is the first time he's leaving.

The boys and the girls each have a row.

Then the people decide to photobomb Jacinth and I.

And finally, a self-taken group photo .

We laugh pretty hard when we realize how the first two picture goes . 

It've been sometime since I do the #whatiwear post  ; so before that this is my ootd for the day and I was so upset that I didn't manage to find my shoes to match with the outfit. My things are all over the house ):

And my girls ,

I thought that I could be cute but the picture shows otherwise... oh well , screw all the cute innocent rubbish.

And we head to Coffee Stain by Joseph for coffee break because my favorite Coffee Societe is full. It was in desperate measure though - Coffee Stain will always be my choice :)