Saturday, January 11, 2014

Eleven on January.

Have you wonder around in the mall, stopped by a clear glass and spot an item which reminds you of somebody - and you just go like, " Oh, this person suit this." or  "I bet this person is gonna like this alot." It wasn't in plan for buying it for someone's birthday - It's spontaneous. The moment you land your eyes on whatever you are looking on, you think of them and then, the memories which you bury at the back of your mind hits all over again. Like I mentioned, since it's a spontaneous thing to do - you just couldn't hold them all back then your heart wrenched in a way which you can't comprehend.
And all you hope is that the person whom you're having in your mind at that moment would be right here with you .

It's not always that we meet , even in highschool until college which she have flew miles away from me to further her studies. We don't always meet , or always talk on the phone , or always keep in touch because we have different circle of friends and different things to do which keep us all busy. Until now, it's still amazing how we never get awkward once we catch up which is not very often. Having different time zone, miles away - all we have is just technology which is unreliable because the line on this land is always work in a moody state. Topics will never run out , and catch up is never enough. We don't have time to talk much , and we take more than 8 hours for a reply on whatsapp due to school and other sorts of things which we are busy about in life  - I'm here in Malaysia, She is there in UK. 

It's a habit for me to wake up which my hands roaming around the bedsheets looking for my important tool iin life , it's particularly the thing I first see in the morning to snooze my alarm off . I'll mostly wander back to sleep , but today marks the eleven of january. I had never been so thankful for today's existence . I'm glad with her presence - knowing that I have someone with a contrast attitude and perspective in things , are so close to me and I could call her my soulmate. We are different , exactly contrast I would say - I must be in black and she must be in white or any other colour which doesn't match with each other.

It marks 7 years since our friendship started , and for this 7 years - I had never trust and rely on anyone that much. It's heartwarming to have someone you know that you could totally be vulnerable and broken without afraid that that person would judge or take advantage of you. Being build up is a blessing , but having someone there during a rollercoaster ride in life or when you're at the bottom is more than that. She have been there all the while when I'm at the bottom ,  and yet sometimes I forget about her when I'm at the peak of my life. I'd never been so thankful , and blessed to have someone like this.

And today, 
it's the eleven - her birthday.

Happy Birthday , my best friend. 

I'm thankful to have you  in my life.