Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Short Getaway.

Is it just me or everyone feels the same that - I think December is the month where we feel the most free , and decide to do things we wanted to do for the whole year. Either way, it's the month for you to think and realize what have you done this whole year and feel guilty for not achieving your resolution or , be proud that you have reach them all. 

Oh well, I will just do that sometime later.

My friends and I decided to head for a 2D1N trip to PD , at Grand Lexis. It was pretty spontaneous tho. We wanted to spend new year's eve together but somehow, we have different plans so we decided to head there a day earlier on 30th. 

Lunch in The Bee, Publika before starting our journey. The lunch set is really affordable - a choice of your main course and a drink which is around 15++ to 25++ based on your choice. And if you didn't order churros then it's pointless. 

So this is my bare face - with just sunscreen. 

and we were so bored on the way there - we munched on chips , bitch fight, shouting lyrics and camwhore. Gosh, this feels so good . I really love road trips. I didn't mean those kind which you go in the early morning and come back late at night . It's nice to drive to your destination with a couple of close friends, stay for a night and then head back. It's really nice.

Then , JS ask why is he not in the picture ;

Group photo in the car! 

The journey was about 1 hour ++  - I meant 2hr ++ because we were stuck in a jam . Was supposed to reach by 3pm but end up at 4 or so. Stopped by the shops , bought KFC and redbull for Jager mister then a cake ( which I don't even know why I buy) . And then, we finally check in!

They upgraded our room to Grand Pool Villa with Sea view without any charges. It's supposed to be only four person in a room but oh well ... you know you always have a way to squeeze everyone in. I'm pretty sure the next door have more than ten people because they were so noisy. 

The room is so pretty and the bed is so huge!

This is the reason why I chose this place. I never had a private pool in my hotel room with friends because we are budgeted. Unless I'm with my family , then perhaps daddy want to be generous with suite. Not to mention, they have their own kitchen and separated toilet. It's really good for a pool party or birthday bash thing. 

We were over excited so we just run around, exploring the room and jump on beds - in a good way. 

There's nothing much left to choose to be up here because it's either I look that bad without make up or , my friends are that hungry that their hands are shaking. 

I swear that it's sea view and the plants are real. I thought that it was some sorts of decoration. You can see that there's an outdoor shower area, and if you're coming for honeymoon - you know want to do. *brows*

I don't bother to take anymore pictures because I was really hungry by then. I munch on KFC and a slice of the marble cake I bought ( and my friends ask me why did I buy this instead of proper food) . Oh well, sometimes you just want to buy a cake - and I could give super lame reason like , I am a girl. After that, we change to our swim wear - camwhore and have a fight in the pool. We brought Kevan's water gun!

Loving this pic!


And camwhore picture of me in my new swimsuit ! hahahaha.

I miss my red hair - and now, it's all in brown colour probably changing to wilted leaf colour soon ):

and of course, 
group picture!

God, why am I so vain!

I like this picture alot. It gives a kind of feel... like those I-am-on-a-vacation-bimbo-smile .

And the boys were so slow with changing. I don't know why are they even shy when the girls are ready for water fight . God, the water was cold but it was worth it. We only bother to get up when the sky is dark and have super late dinner at some random mamak in my pjs and short shorts right outside. 

And after that,


Ring of Fire . 

And before we go crazy ;

How pure!

The game was fun and everyone went mad with alcohol . It was a mess , and everything that happen is hilarious. When there is alcohol, everything is better. 


I have a morning swim the next day in my bikini! Actually, I just dip myself inside the pool. Too lazy to move.

Morning with my gun n roses tanktop!

Ah, this is what you call - a short getaway!

And so, that's the end!

You can't expect a long update for a 2D1N trip right!

Till then.