Friday, January 24, 2014

In HKD #5 - Old Hong Kong.

I always admire things from the 70s or 80s because I think these periods are the times that people start to improve in everything - technology wise , fashion or lifestyle. I don't even exist in that period , and I wonder if I am missing out that much. There's wars and guns is still used. The law isn't strong enough and there are night clubs which only rich people could afford , car don't exist and I am really curious how could people improvise that much during that period. 

And tbh, what I am concern about is their fashion back then. Gentlemen are suppose to be in suit and tie while girls will be in a dress with prints or cheongsam. It was so beautiful , and pretty formal. I don't have the real idea of how it was because I only see all these on the television but I think, everything was simple and prettier back then.

I'm so glad that Ocean Park had this themed walkway , which resembles the old Hong Kong back in 80s. I took a few pictures to share .

Don't all of these remind you of the TVB shows we watch on AOD?

I like this ! :)

This vintage mailbox.

The way they use to do advertisement by sticking posters on the wall by the street is allowed unless it's about sensitive topics. If we do this now, I think the government will fine us. 

For the paos !  and they even have fake tables and cartoons of empty glass bottles .

I appreciate the effort so much.

Hating how my sweater doesn't match with this picture. Oh well, just think of me travelling back to the past.

And not to forget, the Christmas decorations they have. Is it just me or I think the Christmas tree over there just look prettier than the ones back home? The cold weather really gives a lot of Christmas vibe. Now to think back, how did I enjoy Christmas here with such hot weather.

If Kevan is in this picture then it will be complete. After this picture, one woman just came over and yell because they're closing already.

I appreciate little things like this or maybe, I just think too much for a person. Oh well, have you ever find out anything that makes you feel overwhelmed - like people who still keep tapes , buildings which reminds you of something , poems that give you feelings or goods that was used by a famous figure. I haven't explore mine completely yet - I hope you found yours.