Saturday, September 7, 2013

Village Park Nasi Lemak.

It was a simple Sunday filled with plans before I start work. I have decided to take up a part time job. I don't think I can really go out and spend money every single day nor lying at home to wait for the time to pass. 

Oh well, this is my first working experience and I can't say that I'm excited. But I'm glad that I
will feel like I have a life. And no, I will still insist to start my uni on January/. 

My girls and I decided to head to Villlage Park for their famous Nasi Lemak.I can't believe that Zhiwei whom is studying abroad had already try it before I do. -.-

Since it's Sunday , the crowd was crazy. We are lucky enough to be able to get a table after a while. And I swear that the waiters there have some talent to handle the plates and utensils. Like performing martial arts or something.

RM 8.30 for this plate.

Honestly, it's more pricey than usual nasi lemaks you can find outside but trust me, it's different. I can't explain how different it is. You just gotta try it yourself. I promised that it wouldn't be a disappointment.

Lazy ass Xiuming couldn't get up so we packed for her. 

Oh, how nice of us righhhhtt :)

Then we have RR's photoshoot. Only our models are confident enough for photoshoot after a heavy meal. lol.