Sunday, September 1, 2013

A date with my best friend.

I am so screwed up with this blog . I update everything so late and I tend to forget about the event. But it's alright because picture speak more than a thousand words. 
How do my camwhore speak a thousand words? wtf.

The other day, my best friend & I had a bff outing. As I mentioned in the previous post, we always have this annual bff outing every year she comes home. Sadly, she have decided to spend time with the Eiffel tower next year instead to come home to see me . So much for being my best friend , right?

We decided to dine in Thirty 8 in Grand Hyatt.

I suggested there for the nightview, wine and desserts. Oh well, the ambiance is seems to have pretty good reviews online. I am not a really fine dining person. I'm too man and too noisy for that environment, lol. 

We went shopping in the noon so we have no time to travel home to doll up. We changed and do some simple make up in the toilet before heading to the restaurant upstairs. 

I really love this dress but it makes my shoulders look so much wider ):

& here we gooooo  ~



When I reach the restaurant, I asked for a table near the window. And gosh , the nightview is breathtaking. I didn't know that KLCC actually look so pretty. I was really going all dramatic , widening my eyes staring outside the window. I just have a thing for lights. 

So so so beautiful.

And ,
one thing about this kind of restaurant is the lightning. I have a problem reading the menu. 

Tweeting on my phone, with the night view. 


Such an emotional picture wtf.

I ordered white wine instead of red wine. I always prefer the white wine than red. I think red wine is too thick and sweet for a reason. I don't really fancy it.

We only order desserts since we are still full from our late lunch. Desserts and alcohol, together with  breathtaking nightview ; not forgetting about a good companion. Life is complete. 

the famous thirty8 Signature Cake.

RM 25 for this and, I don't like it at all. I love caramel but no for the crazy chocolate mousse cake. So, I finish the ice - cream instead. 


So, she have it all to herself in the end.

Banana , Pineapple and Coconut Crumble - RM 18

Gosh, I love this so much . 

The portion look small but I don't think anyone could finish this alone. It's sweeter than I expected but it was overall good. I like how they slightly melt the caramel on top of the banana. Honestly, I don't taste any coconut. 

Mango Pudding - RM18

We didn't finish this but it was good. The pudding instantly melt in your mouth though. What makes me happy is, they generously give you mango cubes! Oh well, I'm paying 18bucks for this thing which probably cost RM6 outside of this restaurant.

I'm too stingy , gosh.


Next time, 
I will bring my camera. 

I promise.

And pictures of me & my bitch . 

We are that glam that we have KLCC as the background :)

I think Thirty8 need to hire waiters that knows how to take nice picture. One of the waiter took ten pictures and NONE of them are nice. I swear, NOT EVEN ONE. 

Both of us literally roll our eyes and give him a black face, wtf.

So we camwhore , since we desperately need a picture together. And another waiter came and offer us that he will help us. Both of us stare and doubt him. We really don't want our night to be spoiled by ugly pictures of us wtf.

Okay , don't complain anymore because this is how good they could get.


We spent like half an hour taking picture of ZhiWei's ootd at the famous stairs at the lobby. And I'm so glad that all the pictures is nice.

I'm really hating the fact how I take people's pictures so nicely and they always choose the worst angle of me. 

I can't deny how fun that day was. And honestly, it's really good to spend sometime with people that matter the most to you. Dining in a good restaurant like this isn't the main point. It's about spending time and creating memories together. 
I honestly can't wait till the day where she ring me up to tell me to me her bridesmaid or something. There's something about the girls you grow up with , and never give up on you. 

She always have time for me even she is all the way in UK. Even some of my girlfriends doesn't talk to me as much as she does. And it hurts that when you find out some of them have time for their new friends and not for you. I don't really have a lot of friends and I don't need that much. I just need those who stays and never leave, making effort to keep in touch.

And I love her so much for always being there.

You know I love you, best friend.