Monday, September 30, 2013

Baci Italian Cafe.

I realized that the views of my coffee break posts always have more views than other post , which now mostly including restaurants or so. Infact, I really do go for coffee around 3-6 ; normally after lunch or before dinner with whoever I hang out with. I wonder how many of my friends have pick up this habit of mine. :) If I have a chance , I really do want to try out different coffee shops for their drinks and cakes. 

And this time,
I went over to Baci Italian Cafe at Citta Mall. 

They have alot of cafes along the outside of the mall and most of them are familiar ones except for this. Besides. the interior looks prettier than the others so Jacinth & I decided to head in ( because we judge the book by it's cover. ngehehehheheh )

a lot of feel riggghhhhhht ~~

I somehow feel that this picture is quite artistic , wtf.

And sadly, behind all these wonderful ambiance , there is an untold story. The staffs are totally unfriendly. Fine, one of the staff literally give us an annoyed expression at the counter even he is not taking the order. I really dislike how unprofessional his attitude are. Even if he is in a bad mood , he should know how to at least fix his own expression working in this field. Because of him, my excitement of choosing cakes and coffee just when down the drain.

I couldn't explain how much I dislike people who kill the vibe. 

And a few pictures of our orders of the day , 

This is the messier cappucino I've ever seen/

But, it taste good. 

Better than alot of cafes that I've tried before. Now, the ' don't judge the book by it's cover' applies. I scrunched my face up when I see no coffee art ):

Jacinth's Vanilla Latte.

She have always been ordering latte, just like me - normally cappucino.

Red velvet cake!

- right before it topple over and break into half. 

The cake is good !

They have an afternoon set for RM 18.90 for chosen flavored latter and a cake of your choice. 

I gave it up and paid more because I'll much prefer cappucino and infact, I only tried green tea latte because my best friend influenced me that - She even tell me to change the milk into soy milk instead.
Next time, go to starbucks and order green tea latte with soy milk. It taste so much better, I promise.

Bloated face ):

This picture should have the caption of " insert emotional and inspiring quote"